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Work hard as if there’s no tomorrow

But your life is sad, full of sorrow

You try and meet the demands

Take their every command

You feel like being in prison

You ask yourself why you do it, what’s the reason

So you stop and pause

And ask, what is your cause?

You then decided to break from their chains

Their demand isn’t worth your pains

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I’m Out Of Sorts

What day is it? 

What is the time?

Where am I at?

I’ve been busy just working that I’m all out of sorts

I may be a bit stressed out

I really think so

Because I’ve never been this messed up

I’ve never been this tired 

I’m all tied up, oh yes I think so

Otherwise I wouldn’t have been this messy

This out of sorts all week

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Wonder Woman

I grow tired too
Being strong all the time can have its brink
Like you, I too feel blue
I’m not all super like you think

I can be weak you know
The weight can be too much sometimes
Even though I refuse to let it show
Because getting exhausted seems such a crime

I’m not all of what you think I am
For even with this strength,
I’m allowed to get tired too, am I not?

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Refuel My Faith

I sit and wonder what will become of me

What the future might hold

What it would bring


I look over yonder and just let it all sink in

Questions and questions with no answers

Then it hits me!


I lack of it and have to increase my supply


I worry and question

And I overthink

When I should just be enjoying the trip

I’m missing the beautiful scenery for I worry too much of the bumps on the road


So, slowly I ease my mind

I stop to calm myself down

I breathe in deep

I steady my heart

And I let faith refuel me

As I go forth and enjoy it all

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Sleep Easy Tonight

I will sleep easy tonight

Won’t think of anything that might

Ruin my mood

Cause right now I feel so good.

I will put all expectations of tomorrow aside

This is the rule I will abide.

I will accept things that can’t be

That’s how I’ll sleep easy.


I will sleep easy tonight

And with that I bid you all good nigh