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Cereals and Coffee

Start the day

Trying to get back the energy I once had

When I was younger

When metabolism was faster

When coffee was bitter

And cereals were sweeter
Now I look at the table

Wondering of getting back in shape

Or should I just eat this cereal

Drink my coffee and go

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The Woman

She has hair a mix color of black and brown
Eyes, big, brown, and beautiful that seems to keep
An endless sunrise whenever she smiles.

She has a way with people but
Beware of her temper
When she loves, however, it is endless,
It is boundless
It is true.

She is strong, and most often
Even when she wants to give up,
She wears her Mona Lisa smile
And show the world what she’s got.

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I Breathe Fire Because I Can

The dragons call me their own

Lucky enough are the ones who come close and don’t get burned

Stare me down, they cower in fear.

I am invincible.


I won’t and will not back down.

Fierce as the red flame yet cooler than ice.

Bite me and you become charcoal

Charred lips, blackened body

Is what will be left behind


The temperature does not change as quickly as I do.

Breathe air, breathe water

But it is fire that fuels me.

Bow down to the dragon queen

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‘Til The Dawn Breaks

I stand tall, I’ll persevere – wait until the earth shatters

I stay true, I stay firm and will stand my ground

’til the dawn breaks and I see the sun’s rays

one step I move in further

the desert comes closer, drought…I feel drought

my mouth is dry but I must bear it

I will bear it, I can bear it

the wave towers over me

50 feet in height

yet nothing can drown me

nothing can stop me

I will go on, move on

and I will see the light, the rainbow after this storm

I stand tall, I’ll persevere – wait until the earth shatters

I stay true, I stay firm and will stand my ground

’til the dawn breaks

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in life….

find your strength, find inner peace

find the courage and be at ease

seek not the worldly things

for they will come and go

enjoy the important things

and learn what the important things are

be playful and be like a child

laugh until your sides and your cheeks hurt

enjoy each moment


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A Prayer

Lord give me strength to face what needs to be done today

Show me the light and path that I may do the things needed

to be done in the way that will not lead me astray or hurt others

Clear my mind of any worries or doubts

and help me overcome the hurdles set up


Lord help me listen so I may learn and help me understand

so I may take criticisms well

Give me patience and determination as I go about my work

and as I mingle with other people

Help me go through this day as I look forward

to the following day