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Not Mine

He told me a story 

One about love and humor

He smiled in a way I’ve never seen before

His eyes wide and excited

A thrill in his voice
He talked about love

But it was one not to be mine


I used to write about poetry

About love, why I’m happy

Now, it seems I’m always in agony

Sharing about misery 
Maybe I lost my touch

As I drifted away and such

Maybe I never really had much

Where’s Mr. Darcy

He’s in books

On pages and my thoughts

He’s smart and annoying 

Arrogant yet humble

Human enough and yet, still a dream

Where for art thou?


I guess I watch too many chick flicks

That I have no idea how to get real kicks 

Out of life, out of love

But what do I have?

Cliched words if ever there is such a word

Waiting for my prince in shining armor and with his sword

I get tired of being too romantic but then crave for it

Deep inside I do know

All I want is to be cliche in romance

The Greatest Poets

They talked of the moon, the stars and that of love
They talked of storms, tears and that of heartbreak
They talked of rain and the morning dew
They talked of finding love, much like me finding you

They describe the colors like none have ever before
They made music sound more melodic
They turned the sky into a canvas
But they have yet to tell the story of us

I could go on and wonder
What the greatest poets have to say
About my feelings that’s bursting
They’d tell of the happiness and perhaps of the hurting
But even the greatest poets
Could not fathom what I truly feel for you

We go up,
We go down,
I stay away and around
I like you but you don’t seem to
You don’t feel the same as I do

Not like the stories of fairytales of old
More like real life
Waiting and being told

You and I, we are real
And it can go awry or either way
But for now I will wait
So we shall see

Like Ellie And Carl

They met when they were young
We met as adults

They got to know each other
I’d like for us to be the same

They made each other happy
I’d like a chance of that

He picked her up when she was lonely
Maybe we can have a go with that

They loved each other deeply
I know I’d do the same for you

All I ask is you take notice
Like how Carl took notice of Ellie

They grew old together
And had one of the best love stories I have ever known

I pray I can find something the same
And I pray that it is with you

Storing Stories

There is a cloud within my mind
I cannot paint a sound
I cannot see the air around
The writings on the wall are blank

How do you write a story that has ended?

Maria Michaela

Fade To Black

It starts with a blank space
A canvas of nothingness
And then the scene unfolds
As the story begins

Slowly it starts as the plot thickens
You get hooked and you wonder
Then climax comes along
All of a sudden……nothing but black
Just like how it began

You wonder how it ends
But you see,
It all depends on how you want it to
It’s your story
So write it well
That one day when it all ends
It is not as empty as it started out to be


You think you’re alone
But you are greatly mistaken
You will never be on your own
Every risk is worth taking

You see, in many ways
We can relate to each other

Words from a Little Person

Poets bleed from the heart and soul


The single speaks her mind


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