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Too Good

GC and Sue’s Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge is Cash or Card.

The dinner was great
And so was her date
She was hesitant at first
Thinking of the worst
But a gentleman he has been
She was liking what she's seen

Slowly eating her ice cream chocolate
She was thinking of their next date
The waiter then came over with the bill
And her date sat there still
He then said, "such a funny thing.
I neither have cash nor card. I hope you don't mind paying."
She thought to herself, "Well. There drops the other shoe."
She should've known he was too good to be true.

© Maria Michaela
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Mom’s Necklace

We do not have heirlooms

Nothing much we can pass down to generations to come

But mom has this necklace

She bought back in the day

This was pawned so many times

To help make ends meet, that was her way

I keep this close, as I see in it the hardship and struggles she faced

And how she overcame them all

My dad was away most of the time, the military life it was

But mom kept the family strong and steady

And so I hold this necklace dearly

Its worth is more than any gold or diamond in the world

This priceless necklace, I told her I'd keep

She happily gave it to me knowing I'd keep it safe

© Maria Michaela
My mom’s necklace. I asked her some years back if I could have it and she was happy to give it to me. I don’t like jewelleries but this one is an exception.

“Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories. The past is never dead, it is not even past.” William Faulkner.

This week the Wednesday Challenge on Sue and GC’s site is Heirlooms.

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Can We Go Now?

Image credit; Grin @ Unsplash

For the visually challenged reader, this image shows a Frenchie dog sitting and poses while wearing a fanny pack.

I'm ready to go

Got everything set

But my hooman is taking too long and moving too slow

I might not take her walking in the future

© Maria Michaela

For Sadje’s What Do You See #187

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Dear Jeffrey (7)

Dear Jeffrey,

I’ve reached the end of your chapter
I am leaving with a happier heart
I hold no grudge
No bitterness
Glad to have your friendship

As I leave, I pray you find the love that you are looking for
One that’s true
One that lasts

As for me, I have learned to keep my head above water
Had my heart broken and beat
But came out more complete

This is the end of the line for me and what romantic love I had for you
Jeffrey, paalam na sayo*

© Maria Michaela

And so concludes the Dear Jeffrey story-poem series. I honestly didn’t think this would be a seven part series. I was thinking a trilogy or maybe at most 5 parts but it seems my writing got the best of me.

Thank you everyone for following along with this series. For those who weren’t able to read this from the start, the links of the previous parts are listed below.

*Paalam na sayo translates to, Goodbye to you.

PS: Did you notice the images associated with this series? They go along with our narrator’s journey.

Dear Jeffrey series:







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Dear Jeffrey, (5)

I have villainized you
I’ve made them think you plotted my downfall
I am sorry
I was in the wrong

I couldn’t say back then
You wouldn’t say it either
Both testing the waters
Yet you felt I was better off not being let in to your world

I wondered if you did it to spite me
So many words you failed to say
So many words I failed to say as well
You knew yourself better and you saw my destructive path
You kept me at arms reach just enough to keep me close
But you kept enough distance too for fear that my downfall may be the end of you

Still, I stayed away
It was better for me
It was better for you
But then, I realised you wanted me back
You simply wanted the special friendship we had
I simply wanted it to end
So I endured
But you persisted

© Maria Michaela

If you want to catch up on this series, check the links below:





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Dear Jeffrey (4)

I cried my eyes out
But please, don’t think I want your sympathy
I needed to cry
I needed to let it all out
To get rid of it all

I sang all the sad songs I knew and could find
I need to find myself again
And not cling to something that causes pain

These tears will wash away
All the hurt I have
And in time, will wash the sadness clean

For now, I will cry my eyes out

© Maria Michaela

What do we think of Jeffrey so far? How about our narrator? I’d like to know your thoughts. 🙂

Follow along the Dear Jeffrey Series:




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Dear Jeffrey, (2)

As fate would have it, our paths intertwined and I fell for your devious charms.

I was warned beforehand. But I played it cool thinking I was impervious. Oh! How wrong was I.

Unguarded. I was unguarded and it was my own fault. I turned the warning signs off. I allowed myself to be fragile and opened up my heart.

You were the wrong fit. Yet, I still kept at it. Like Cinderella’s step sisters trying to fit the glass slipper. But I was the glass slipper, wasn’t I? And unlike the step sisters, you didn’t want me to fit.

© Maria Michaela

If you want to follow along this series, here’s Part One.

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My Lola’s Cooking

My maternal grandmother loved to cook. She learned, according to my grandfather, by watching and observing those who knew how to cook. She became one of the best cooks I know. Everyone loved her cooking snd she loved feeding people. That was her love language. She avoided using MSG and believed that those who use it are not good cooks at all. Imagine what she might have accomplished if she had a better opportunity!

When she lost her sight due to diabetes, she stopped cooking but would supervise my mom and her siblings when they were cooking things unfamiliar to them. She avoided tasting foods for fear of her sugar shooting up so she ended up smelling the food. Yes. She smelled the food to determine if it was cooked or if it needed some more seasoning.

My mom and her siblings learned and became good cooks because of grandma but to this day, they all would say that they could never match her talents.

Most of my relatives from my mom’s side are good cooks. My brothers and I know how to cook but never at par with them.

My mom and grandma didn’t have the best mother-daughter relationship but they bonded over cooking and their love of food.

©Maria Michaela

For GC and Sue’s Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge Cooking

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Back In Time

The sunlight peeked through the window as she moved the curtains

She saw the dust floating around and something more

It was like she was transported back in time

A silhouette seemed to form

Trying to reach out to her

And it seemed he was there with her just like before

© Maria Michaela

I’m unable to read most posts today as I had to do overtime at work and now need to sleep. I’ll be catching up on my reading and I’ll be responding to notifications by tomorrow, hopefully. 🤞

Stay safe, loving and kind 🌻🌷

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A Look of Innocence

Image credit; Dex Ezekiel @ Unsplash
The look of innocence of the little pup is enough to melt any heart

Earlier, however, he was quite rambunctious

So in the carrier he's been placed

Now he looks all innocent like, to get the sympathy of others

© Maria Michaela

For the visually challenged reader, the image above shows a man carrying a puppy in a carrier bag across his shoulders. The puppy looks pensive.

For Sadje’s What Do You See #176