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The Darkness Within #haibun

everyone is a moon and has a dark side they never show Pale lunar prescience Eavesdropping upon the night Impartial witness Many tales do not tell They gloss over struggle and embellish triumph, They speak only of that quest Into an ancient castle To find a long lost treasure To rescue a love meant to […]

The Darkness Within #haibun

I really love this post. Please don’t forget to visit the original post. I’m planning to feature this in my other blog which is about scary stories.

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Your Story

I sometimes sit and just wonder

What became of us

We might not have found each other

Or we may have but made too little fuss.
I wonder if you wonder if I exist, if there is really a “destiny”

And if you do what could have been, had I chosen you

I wonder what you’d share to me

I wonder about your story

I wonder if your wondering why we haven’t or never met

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Not Mine

He told me a story 

One about love and humor

He smiled in a way I’ve never seen before

His eyes wide and excited

A thrill in his voice
He talked about love

But it was one not to be mine

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I used to write about poetry

About love, why I’m happy

Now, it seems I’m always in agony

Sharing about misery 
Maybe I lost my touch

As I drifted away and such

Maybe I never really had much