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The silent type,

The rock n roller,

Its like some sort of hype
The simple single,

The stellar star,

They label you like a catchy jingle
He’s quite dashing,

She’s a head turner,

Someone’s romantic while the others charming
They put labels as if we’re some food product

But sometimes you can’t help

And label yourself too

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Postage Stamp

I do not have you here with me, all that’s left are your thoughts and memory

A piece of stationary with your handwriting

The paper still smells good

The envelope is a bit crumpled but still in tact

It still has the postage stamp from nowhere

A place far away, a place I would never be able to go to

I hold the letter in my hands and read your message over and over again

I cry still, although it’s been so long

The last bit of what’s left of you are in my hands, I can’t imagine it still

I miss you so and all I have left is a postage stamp as

proof of your existence

The other letter is kept in the box, the one I hate the most

The one that tore my life apart, the one that told me of your fate

Still, I reminisce the times we had, no matter how short it was

May you send the letter that I await

With the postage stamp from a place where you and I

can be together once again