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Lonesome Prince

Your eyes used to shine bright

But where is the shine now?

And you used to smile with such delight

But it left you somehow.

I wonder why you lost your spark,

I hope you find it again.

I pray you get out of the dark

Come back, let’s begin.

©Maria Michaela

Christmas Lights 

They come out during December 

And make it special even more

Lights twinkle and sparkle 

And I feel the moment slow down

I don’t sense it
I don’t feel it
Or see it

Perhaps the spark they see is the unseen connection that two people have
One that does not have to be a romantic tie
But one close to friendship and familiarity

I believe that is what we have

Eyes Sparkle

I looked at you with sparkle in my eyes
But that was a while ago
Now my eyes sparkle
All in a different way

They use to look for the beauty that is you
The one that I knew
The one I learnes to accept
Both good and bad

Now they look at you differently
No longer longing
No longer waiting
Still loving
But all in a different way

My eyes, they sparkle still for you
But only because they know
That my heart no longer sparkles for you

Your Light

The light I see in Your eyes

captivates my very soul

Enlightens my darkened heart

bringing me back to sunlight

A spark, a fire

bringing me back at last

To see Your shining light

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Rishita Sanya

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