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I’m taking a rocketship and flying past the moon

I’m going far, farther away

Outside the Milky Way

Onwards to Andromeda

Past the vast expanse of the galaxy

I’m going, going, going

Floating away into outerspace.

©Maria Michaela

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Live In Space

Have you been to the moon to look at the Earth rise and set?
Have you taken a trip with the shooting stars yet?
You’d have loads of fun and enjoy it I bet.

Have you visited the sun just to keep warm?
He’s not so bad and would do you no harm
He can simply melt you with his charm.

Oh! The space out there is just amazing!
Out there, I think I can make a good living

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A Space

I have reserved a space in my heart

All just for you

All because I love you

All because you’re worth it

You’re worth it all


I pray you’ll find yourself

Know that I am only waiting

Because that space that I have in my heart

Is reserved just for you

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I’ve never seen stars this many

Makes me feel I’m in outer space

In awe I was at the beauty

at the magnificence of God’s creation


I held my breath for the longest time….

….it seems

For the brilliant painting above me sparkled

Filling the black canvas like never before


My dog on leash seemed to feel it too

For he sat and looked up

The stars may have spoken to him in some way

For he stayed quiet for the longest time


On the grass we sat

were the dew had not touch yet

Listening to the crickets

Apparently admiring the stars too


We were like this, my dog and I

Speechless until the sun slowly rose

As if awoken from a deep sleep

He and I then went home,

For tomorrow we shall be speechless once more

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Dancing On The Moon

I rode the star that never shines

To Mercury, to Mars and beyond

The constellations greeted me in unison

While the comets shot a wave across the space so wide


I brought horses from the grounds beneath

To place them among the everlasting dark backdrop

Like pasting them on colored paper


Venus said hello all the while her radiant beauty glowed

And Saturn boasted of her elegant rings

All these happened and all these I’ve done

As I danced on the moon with a Super Nova

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To Be One With The Stars

dark is the evening sky

I am once again under the stars glimmering just a little beyond my reach

and a little to the left is the moon waiting for my return


The milky way sways as it dances with the comets

“Come away with us”, they call to me

they set up a play all for me while I watch, waiting for my time to come


Saturn waves to me as Jupiter tries to kiss me on the cheek

I let out a sigh, I long so much to be up there with them

to look down at the beautiful planet Earth, to travel far away

to be gazed upon


I hope one day, when my time here is done

I’d be up there finally

a star to guide your way, a star up on the sky