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Die and Live Again

I died today and my soul flew

to the barren desert, to the midnight sun

to the winter rain and the cold dark ocean


I crept into the crypt — to the abyss of no return

or so they say

So I took the liberty of all things whimsical

until at last I felt at ease


I died today and tomorrow, I shall live once more

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My Soul

When I die, I wonder where I’ll be

I wonder if I have condemned myself

to eternal damnation.

I have strayed, too far away from where I was

from where I’m supposed to be.

Have I cursed myself?

I think I have

I know I have

I’ve buried myself in temptation

in Earthly possessions

I have lost my way

In truth, I chose to get lost

I have forsaken myself.

The time to act is now

The time to go back to the path I once was is now

There is still time

for me

for you

for all of us

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Emotions of a Haunted Soul

I knock on wood and it knocks back, the eve of solitude has come to an end

Fear has marched away into the darkness

And what once was empty is now full

I can’t compliment all to fate, for it has sealed my sorrow so many times

Nor could I envy love

As its sweetness renders me motionless

I evaporate into the day, wilting ever so slowly

But I do not feel any bitterness

Alive and dead, at the same time

I rip open the sky and the sun shy’s away

Leaving rain and desolate coldness as it trickles down my spine

The marsh land turns into sea

While the soft singing wind whispers blindly

To hope and courage

Beating away cowardice and leaving

silence in its wake

Finally, when everything is said or have been expressed

it ends abruptly