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When There Was No Chance

No sorry was ever uttered

For both of us did not know what to say

You were never the vocal one after all

But your actions spoke stronger

And you showed so much effort

I gave up, I really did

But you made sure I’d give you the chance that was never there


You showed our friendship mattered

You made your presence felt

I gave you the cold shoulder

I was tired and thought you wanted me out of your life

But you pulled me back

Told me without words that I mattered


So finally I gave you back my smile

I spoke the words first

I saw you light up

And that’s when I knew…..

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Make An Entrance

You know how to make an entrance

You know just what to do

It may seem blunt and simple

But it sure is grand because it’s you

You make up for the silence

In your own little way

How could I be mad at you?

When all I need is a simple “hey”

I don’t know how you do it

But you do it oh so well

I know you truly love me

‘Cause people see and I can tell

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God Forgives

I walked a mile but He cut me short

told me to look back and not to retort

I walked the path but went astray

I somehow forgot that I should pray

A stern reminder from Him shook me from sleep

I realized I’ve been way into deep

Despite my sins, He forgave me still

With open arms He welcomed me with such a thrill

His heart bleeds yet he still waited for me

He still says that he loves me

Whatever wrong I’ve done, He’s forgiven me

All I have to do now, is to follow on swiftly

He forgives and He always does

And it is He loves us, just because

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I’m sorry I was not able to

write a poem for all of you

I had a tip from an insider

that my ever reliable internet provider

was having technical difficulties

So please accept my humblest apologies

I promise I’ll make it up

I’m hoping your support won’t stop

So here’s a cheer to you good folks

I’ll try to make it up with maybe some jokes


(I thought I would not be able to post today since the net was down last night. Good thing it’s now all good. I prepared this poem to make up in case I was not able to post ;))

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Sorry We’re Close

Got sugar and milk

and a sack filled with silk

Got some cream, wheat and jam

a potato, some lettuce and ham

I go on my shopping list

and realize there is one thing I missed

So I grab my bag and head straight for the mart

if only I can get the car to start

When I finally get to my destination,

I looked at the door and paused

I guess, I’ll have to come back tomorrow

as the sign said they were close