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Someone’s Something

I am someone’s no one

I am someone’s someone

And I am also someone’s everything 

And nothing

And something altogether 

Is There?

The teasing may have stopped
But am I right to feel the feeling is there?
Am I right to assume just a little?
In your eyes, when I look at them
I see some part of me
I wonder,
Is there something there?

The shadows call
They mourn the living
A desolate place lies above
Below they creep, they howl and they wait for all the dead and the dying
It is here….closer they are now

Something’s Going On

I am feeling that feeling
The one that should not be
The one that ought to be avoided

You and I both know that there is something
Something going on
Something more than friendly

But you and I also know
We could never be
Not like this

Still I long for our time
Until such that I can find my own


There is something new

With the look on your face

The way you smile

The way you walk and talk and whistle

Something’s got you going

Something’s really new

It’s not just your hair

It’s the whole of you

Whatever has got you going

Making you feel and look all new

It’s working perfectly

And I wouldn’t have it any other way


There could be something but then again there could be none at all

The heart sees what it wants to and can be easily persuaded, can easily fall

Is there something more or is it a figment of the imagination?

Maybe a shadow of the reality, of the true emotion

Perhaps both are afraid of losing the friendship that is still being built

Or perhaps because both are afraid to be hurt once more, or some sort of guilt?

Whatever the case may be, if they let it go then it’s gone for good

Because it looks like there really is something; other people seem to see it except they

There seems to be something, I think there really is

Something Magical

twinkling, stunning, dazzling and bright

shining like a diamond

let’s you go on an adventurous ride

something so uplifting

something so strong

something so magical

you couldn’t go wrong

the feeling that bursts out

the emotion you feel

when you look into a child’s eyes

The Wonder of the World

There’s something about the water, there’s something about the sea

There’s something about nature that brings me glee

 There’s something about the warm breeze, there’s something about the sunlight

There’s something about the fresh air that makes everything right

There’s something about the birds singing

and how the trees are swaying

 Or how the rain drops to kiss the Earth

and the sound of life at birth

There’s something about the clouds, there’s something about the twinkling stars

There’s something about the crickets, and the music of a guitar

Every little bit is a wonder, and everyday I am amazed

The beauty of the world often goes unnoticed when it should be praised

So here’s to our world, the most wonderful one we could live in

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