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See My Bones

Would you like to see what’s inside me?

See the scars left by society

They haven’t healed, I think they never will

For all the times in their presence I’ve always felt ill

Maybe that’s why I prefer to be alone

In solitude I have grown

By myself, nothing and no one breaks my bones.

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I’m Impossible To Love

I seek the love I hope to be true

Or rather, I sought it before.

I used to think I was empty or just a half

I used to think I needed more.


Someone wanted to give me the world

But I only wanted him to be real and true

Extravagance was not what I wanted or needed

And so his heart I made blue.


I do not regret being alone, going solo

I’ve long accepted my complexities

I know it’s hard to love me

And they can only hold so much capacities.

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How Am I Alone?

It gets kind of lonely
It gets kind of sad
Sometimes I want to just cry
Sometimes I just want to get mad

I’m fine being alone
In fact it can be enjoyable
But sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with me
Am I not so sociable?

If I am destined to be alone
I will embrace it completely
I pray I will not be envious
And be contented and live happily