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I found a letter addressed to me

I read it slowly and carefully

It said,

“Hey beautiful! Remember you are beautiful…

In every single way

No matter what you feel each day.

Do not let the scale’s number or the clothing size define you.

You are wonderful and beautiful despite what some other people might say…

Despite what you might say to yourself.

You’re not perfect but you are unique so stop trying to fit in.

Be you

Be bold yet simple

Be delicate but strong

Be your awesome you!

There will be people who will put you down.

Society will try to change you to fit the norm.

But remember, you are loved and should learn to love yourself.

Most of all, remember that I love you.”

The letter ended and it was signed by me.

©Maria Michaela


To be fat is to be shameful

To be fat means to feel awful

This is what I learned as a child.


My family loved me, and I know they tried

Tried to protect me, but they do not know how much I cried

Because whenever I have an ounce of confidence

Society retaliates with a pound of uncertainty.


My curves became my curse and I hated myself

I felt like an unwanted book tucked away on the shelf

I hated my curves.


There are nights I’d pick myself up

Saying that I am enough and I am loved

But most nights…..most nights are awful


I lie to myself sometimes

That if I love my curves enough

Society will accept them and I will no longer need to hide

The Thinker

She filters her thoughts

Keeps them in boxes for safekeeping

Away from prying eyes and spying lies

Away from criticism of the world

For she knew from long time ago

That if you are a thinker,

One that questions society’s so called normal,

You will be put to shame

For they prefer a non thinker

One who grasps nothing and take every poison they give


At myself

For being too weak minded

For getting fatter

For being heavier when I should have worked on being lighter

For not being happy with how I look, sometimes

…..That I let them dictate who I ought to be

Am I Me?

I’ve cut my hair and changed my clothes

But who have I become?

The lady I see, the lady I hoped to be

She isn’t staring back at me

She got lost amidst the chaos of the mind and heart

Lost among the treacherous trap of society

She may be lost forever

Unless I straight it right

It’s My Choice

I am hard to understand, so better not try to

Not many can see what I can

I am considered a freak of society 

Because I choose to be single

At an age that many are already settled.
My being settled is different from most

And I know it’s hard to comprehend

My relationship status is not bounded or dictated by society

It’s just what I choose

I choose me

And others fail to see that.


Sometimes physical, sometimes emotional
Other times mental

What’s certain is though is that it is rampant
Be the weather cold, dry, hot, snowing….
Sickness is everywhere

Your kind of sickness is physical
Mine is emotional
Others…..well others is a mixture but mainly mental

They put others down
They find content, or so they think, when others are in pain
Or undergoing hardship

Society has a sickness that is eating it up slowly
And most people don’t even know about it

Tell me
Am I pretty?
Do I have to be sexy?
What do you see?
Do you see differently?
Do you see beyond flesh and at what’s worthy?
Or are you like them, the rest of society?
What does it take to be called a beauty?
I wonder, can you tell me?

I Curse The Beauty

I curse the beauty,

the so-called thin

the skin and bones that’s dry and hallow

the straightened hair that’s

nothing but plastic

and unreal


I curse the people who bring me

to my knees

who make me feel ugly

despite trying hard to be

like the skeletons of masses they are


I curse my fragile heart

and starving spirit

for the demons feed on innocent souls

they torture me endlessly

and yet they do it unwittingly


I curse the girl I see in the mirror

the one unchanged, almost, over the years

the one they pick on

the one they call fat


I curse the beauty

incapable, insatiable of content

and acceptance


I curse them all!

as my mental state slowly, but oh so surely

fades into oblivion


Do we not see the poison that is eating our world?

It’s slowly creeping up yet we refuse to see

We turn away and shun all the obvious reasons

Blinded are we


We choose to be blind

We choose not to see

We refuse to believe

that the world is dying

That society has gone mad

That we are poisoning ourselves

Killing ourselves

We are the cause of our own destruction

We choose to be blind

and blinded we will remain

When will we accept the truth?

the fact?

that we are on the brink of extinction

From the cruelty that we have spawned

From the evil of our ways

Unless we come accept

we will forever roam in the dark

continue to be blinded by the poison

we ourselves have all become

Don Charisma

because anything is possible with Charisma

unbolt me

the literary asylum

Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

Dr. Eric Perry, PhD

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