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Smaller Frame

And so I came to realize that people with smaller size, smaller frame

Gets the praise, popularity and fame

They always seem to win the game

Of one size fits all.

I never try an outfit where they can see, for fear of being shamed

And perhaps, fear of being maimed

They may not laugh at me but I’ll feel awful just the same

Such an awful feeling.

My confidence, I can never tame

I am just another fat suffering dame

I feel so lame

For wanting to be one of those with smaller frames

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A Little

You know I was beginning to like you,

A little at first

Then it grew, well just a little.

Then you started to be distant,

A little at first and then some more.

Part of me hoped you were going to be it,

Part of me died when I found out you weren’t.

You see, no matter how little it was that I felt for you

I felt something anyway.

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I Will Lose

Shed those extra weight 

Remove all self hate

Driving oneself to the distance

It takes a lot of hard work, give yourself a chance

Don’t give up now, you’ve come a long way

Show them what you’re made of now insead of waiting for someday

Sweat it out and enjoy yourself

I go on and tell this to myself

No one will do it for me

And so I go at it, in the end we shall see

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Thin Me

I’ve never been quite the thin one
Never quite the sexy babe
But I never wanted to be one
For my mind is stronger
I prefer to be loved by who I am
By how my crazy mind works
Not by my waistline
Or the number on the weighing scale

So I’ve never been the thin me
Because I am,the great me!

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Mere Speck

The night sky is my friend

The moon is my lamp

I bask under the darkness to see clearly

The treasured jewel called stars

But I also wait for the morning to come

The sun shine, so grand

I am there, a mere speck in the world

Yet they are still willing to put on a show for me

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Leaves Compared With Flowers

A tree’s leaves may be ever so good,
So may its bar, so may its wood;
But unless you put the right thing to its root
It never will show much flower or fruit.

But I may be one who does not care
Ever to have tree bloom or bear.
Leaves for smooth and bark for rough,
Leaves and bark may be tree enough.

Some giant trees have bloom so small
They might as well have none at all.
Late in life I have come on fern.
Now lichens are due to have their turn.

I bade men tell me which in brief,
Which is fairer, flower or leaf.
They did not have the wit to say,
Leaves by night and flowers by day.

Leaves and bar, leaves and bark,
To lean against and hear in the dark.
Petals I may have once pursued.
Leaves are all my darker mood.

– Robert Frost

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wHaT WiLL i DiScOvEr ToDaY?

I am a little child, a small thing in a big world

My mind is precious, my imagination great

One moment I’m a pirate, sailing the seven seas

Searching for buried treasure

Next I’m a fire fighter, saving a kitten from a burning building


I am little yet I hold the world at the palm of my hands

The world is my stage, I can be anyone I like

I can go wherever I want, without leaving my room

Travel across the universe and return before bedtime

My happiness is simple, I don’t need extravagant things

I am easily contented and I love to laugh


I now know that frogs don’t fly, because they went splat

when I threw them in the air

I know that cats meow and dogs chase them

Birds chirp and fly and eat squirmy worms

And mom gets angry when I play with mud


Playing is what adults see, but it’s an adventure for me

Scabs and wounds may fill my body

But lessons I learn that broaden my knowledge

I am a little child, a small thing in a big world

I wonder what I will discover today?