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Last Slice

I wake up at midnight while everyone is fast asleep

I make my way downstairs, ever slowly I creep

I go to the kitchen with just the fridge light on

Devouring the last slice of pizza, nom nom nom….all gone

©Maria Michaela


I was originally going to write “last slice of cake” but thought pizza sounded better. I didn’t eat pizza today but I sure love it 🍕😁.

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A Slice 

I want a slice of cake for each struggle

A slice of pie for each sadness

A bit more of both just because I feel like sulking

And prefer to eat more than talking

A slice of cake for happiness

A slice more for craziness

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A Slice Of The Moon

My brother said it’s made out of cheese
That it’s cheesy as cheese can be
I’d like to try a bit of that
If only mom and dad would let me

They told me “no”, they said I can’t
Because I’m much too young
They said space is not for kids
So that’s that and I just hold my tongue

My brother said when the moon is full, it’s much like a pizza
He said he’d give a slice to me
So we can eat it with fajita

I’d like that, oh yes I would!
So ’til then I wait
For the moon to be full
So I can have a bit of taste

Maria Michaela

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Knives Home

Sharp and stinging

hurts and cuts

bruises it does not leave any

deep wound has bound me

sleepy-eyed, teary eyed

blood dripping from my fingertips

it stings, but I do not scream

The knife is sharp

shining in the light

I bandage my wound

and continue to cut the meat

ever so slowly, for the pain,

the wound, is still hurting