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Elusive Sleep

Time slowly ticks
As my eyes never closes
My mind wanders everywhere except dream land

Snores from somewhere, the sound of someone fast asleep
Yet I, lay awake still

Sleep eludes me
And I can’t help but long for it more

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the pillow is hard, the bed is full of air

my eyes will never close.


I keep them open ’til they’re numb

but my old friend still won’t come

for the Sandman seems to have forgotten me

yet again.


I try everything

toss, tumble —- tumble and toss

the sheets are everywhere

and still I am awake


I envy the dreamer with his peaceful sleep

off to dreamland…miles away


I lie here in this world of insomniacs

haunted by the dreams that never come.

The sun is slowly creeping up

while sleep still eludes me

I may forever be a prisoner of this sleepless land

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Here I go again, back in the game I can’t win

My head’s in a daze, as my vision blurs and spins

I’m lost for words; you make me speechless

Thinking of you at night; I’m sleepless

I know where this is headed to


You got me rhyming the words I say

I feel I’m blooming like the flowers of May

You put me on a high, and I’m speechless

The way you move is so seamless

You’re good at what you do


It’s like I’m on a seesaw going up and down

You’re a jewel, precious as a crown

You take my breath away and I become speechless

I put my guard down, I’m completely defenseless

You’re the warmth during winter