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Elusive Sleep

Time slowly ticks
As my eyes never closes
My mind wanders everywhere except dream land

Snores from somewhere, the sound of someone fast asleep
Yet I, lay awake still

Sleep eludes me
And I can’t help but long for it more

At night…

…I cry
…I read
…I do not sleep
…I think, countless thoughts going through my mind

The pillows too
The weather tonight is soothing
Sleep will be coming, soon

Nighty Night

May the night embrace you with sweet dreams
As sweet as chocolates or cookies and creams

Under The Stars

I lay down and I feel the earth
I move with it
I look up and I see gems
Beauty that never cease to amaze me

I am relaxed
Removing the stress of the days work
Sleep then comes
Time to rest

I sleep while my guardians watch over me
I dream of the galaxy
The milky way that’s far away
And my soul is contented

No Sleep

Closed eyes but mind is racing
Unable to sleep once more

Close your eyes little sleepy head

Drift to dreamland  off to bed

Do not for a minute pretend you’re not sleepy

Your eyes are tired and droopy

Rest your head against the soft pillow

Your body droops like the weeping willow

So shut your eyes and start your dream

Tomorrow you’ll be wide awake and full of beam!

You hope it would come

You hope it would stay

And then you end up wide awake at the wrong time

You force yourself to sleep

You close your eyes

Pretend to dream

But nothing

Not a single thing

You try some more

Only to give up

And you know when work demands it

It will come and haunt you

I will sleep easy tonight

Won’t think of anything that might

Ruin my mood

Cause right now I feel so good.

I will put all expectations of tomorrow aside

This is the rule I will abide.

I will accept things that can’t be

That’s how I’ll sleep easy.


I will sleep easy tonight

And with that I bid you all good nigh

Sleep Tight

‘Neath the pale moon light

People are all sleeping tight

Rest their weary head

All tucked in their bed

Sandman comes as they close their eyes tight

Dream of sweet dreams tonight

Don Charisma

because anything is possible with Charisma

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