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I know the answer

But no one understands

They see me as lonely

Even when I’m truly fine.

They think I need to have a significant other

When all I need is space

And myself.

I don’t need to answer them

Because I know the answer

And I alone understand why.

About Being Single

Every single day they tell me

Tease me

And sometimes it hurts me

Because a single word can be hurtful 

When every single time you are told

As if you do not feel a single emotion 

As if you are not smart enough to understand 

Because they think being single is a disappointment 

When truth is, their single mindedness 

Is the real problem

My Bliss

I wait, no,
I wait for no one.

They seem to think I’m crazy.
And maybe, I am.

It’s a preference
That not many understand.
And how could they?
When they’re so caught up in being a “couples” world.

I prefer being alone.
This is my bliss!

A no boyfriend since birth
A no experience kind of girl
Oh what in the world was she?
Did she go wrong somewhere?
She had been through loop de loops of sadness
Of self hatred
But now, more than ever
She thanks her stars she is still single

Maria Michaela

Singularity gives clarity
Embrace it willingly
Conformity is past
Let go and move on fast
She is alone
But never, never lonely

Maria Michaela

Down The Aisle

Will I ever be walking down the aisle?
Will anyone ever be man enough to ask my hand in marriage?
Where will I be in four years?
I wonder
All I can do is wonder

unbolt me

the literary asylum

Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

Dr. Eric Perry, PhD

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