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Sing Soul

From the heart to the soul

She sings deeply and grandly

Feeling every word

Every note

She sings her heart out

Music Feeds The Soul

Oh I get emotional 

I get teary-eyed 

A rollercoaster ride of feelings

Sometimes I just can’t hide

I go up, I go down

I feel happy, I feel sad

I listen to the words

And often, I feel glad

It captivates me

It’s quite alluring 

The wonderful sounds

Of soulful singing

The rustling of the breeze
Trees bending with ease
The wind sweeping the dry leaves away
They fly as if dancing through their way

And I, a passerby
Take time to reflect in nature’s performance

Dancing And Singing On Air

You got me tapping my feet

That’s a good start

It often starts with a little tap

It starts off slow

I pretend to be shy

Then I slowly move to the dance floor

I dance all night to your fine tune

I rule the dance floor

I sing along

I feel free

Let’s do this again some time shall we?

I sing the blues

I sing the blues when no one hears

I sing it softly to release my fears

Only the walls hear, and the roof too

They hear me sing whenever I’m blue

I sing of life, of love and of suffering

The new-born, the old and the dying


I sing, I sing, I sing the blues

and I will keep on singing to my heart’s content




Why The Cricket Sings

I heard the cricket sing a lullaby

at first it sighed then I heard it cry

It played a tune so sweet, full of passion

it poured out all its emotions

It was all too much

that the rain clouds fell and the stars

danced on the moon beam


The frog echoed in harmonious chorus

as the cricket played its violin

Sweet melody and the night sang along

When it ended, it was suddenly silent

and the cricket went its way

We were left wondering

why the cricket sings

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