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A Simple Word

“I love you” is a simple word

But greatly abused

Greatly over used

Greatly misused

Mostly taken advantaged of

And often forgotten.

And so I say to all those who need to hear this,

Remember these words

I love you

©Maria Michaela


She was bland and a little bitter

She was practical and could be a little sweeter

She was laughter and medicine

She was all but plain

That Simple Life

I take a deep breath and I start again

Today is another day to fill

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like

To have the simple life 

Sometimes I wish for it

Maybe someday soon

This Dress

I wear this dress to try and fit in

Yet I always am at the other end

I do not belong anywhere
I wear the dress to pretend

That I am the simple girl

But deep down, I am the rebel
This dress is my mask

And they will never know

Because I will never let them


For miles on end it stretched as it did

Everyone driving by

Passing by the scenery

Every single soul is in a hurry

No one slowing down

But just over yonder, near the countryside 

Is a place of sanctuary 
There the time is slow

Life is simpler 

No busy buzzing from the asphalt gray

Just good old dirt from the earth

The end of the road

Keep It Simple

I don’t want your roses, you can save your money

I don’t want chocolates or teddy bears

I’m stuffed already

I don’t want any grand schemes

I don’t like that much people looking at me

Keep the over the top performance, I have no care for it

If you want to sweep me off my feet

Just keep it simple

I am not perfect

And I don’t want to be
Nothing and no one is ever perfect, you see
Not him, not her, not you, not me

If you ever think I am
Then you’re scaring me away
Because I can’t give you that, not tomorrow, not today
Not like this or in any way

Sorry to burst your bubble,
Sorry I’m being truthful,
Sorry for your trouble,
But I am not that wonderful

Don’t ever think me perfect
Don’t expect me to be that terrific
I am just this simple girl
No more, no less

Simple Words

Simple words for simple thoughts

Big words can be confusing

Keeping it short, keeping it simple

Word play and word choice

As simple as that

Make An Entrance

You know how to make an entrance

You know just what to do

It may seem blunt and simple

But it sure is grand because it’s you

You make up for the silence

In your own little way

How could I be mad at you?

When all I need is a simple “hey”

I don’t know how you do it

But you do it oh so well

I know you truly love me

‘Cause people see and I can tell

Nothing Fancy

A simple talk is all it takes

A simple smile is priceless to me

A simple hug

A simple tap on the shoulders

A “Hello” or “Hi”

And even saying “Goodbye”,

Just to let me know.

Even one single look

can get me through the day


Simple things like these

Is all that I need

unbolt me

the literary asylum

Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

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