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Tongue Tied

I want to tell you something

Tell you that your smile is captivating.

But how can I say this out loud?

I can’t handle this crowd.

I get nervous just being near you

I know that’s nothing new.

But I wish I didn’t stumble around you

I wish I knew what to do.

Still, everytime I try to convey what I feel inside

My words get lost, then I start to slur and get tongue tied.

So when you ask, I just smiled

Because I would rather be silent and hide

Than to try and speak and again get tongue tied.

His Story

He wrote his story in black and white

Told everyone of lies

Because he was afraid they’d know the truth

Convinced himself to walk away

Because he was afraid of my love.

And that’s how his story relates to mine

Two Face

The world dictates who you should be

Despite saying, “be yourself”

They invest in your insecurities

And magnify your inability

Uniqueness is “encouraged”

But too much of it, then your discouraged

They make you feel incapable

As they act to try and save you

Showcase Your Affection

Bring forth your heart and lay it down in front of me

Show me charades of promises and tell me of dreams you have planned

Waltz around and parade your undying affection

While I read between the lines and see beyond the colors

Your mardis gras of facade I see right through

See, the grand gesture and parade is not what I want

The simplicity, the truth, was what I was after

And those two, you failed hard at

The mirror tells no lies

Holds no secrets

Shows all desires

What is looking back is a face I do not want

A body I’d be willing to trade

But the mind says, “no I can’t”
The mirror tells no lies

So I hide from it

I can’t seem to accept the person looking back

And there it was

It wasn’t clear
It was hazy and foggy
But it’s slowly showing
And before you know it,
It’s right before your eyes

Picture This

Take a look at this

Isn’t it nice?

Isn’t it great to see you and I near each other?

It gives light and shows a new world of possibilities

It glows from within showing on the outside

A snapshot of a moment, for life remembered

Something Sweet

It may just be me or a trick of the light

But there seems to be fondness,

His eyes full of delight

Whenever he looks my way

It may be nothing, I may just be imagining

Maybe I’m just blinded

by the fact that I like him

But then he’s never had that look on me before

He steals a glance, or so I think

I sense he’s looking my way

Or I could just be paranoid

A hint of jealousy, at least that’s what I see

When he sees me around this other guy

A friend of mine, a very good one

Seems like he’s cautious with him

This game we play can be tiresome at times

But silly me thinks there’s something sweet about it

We play this hide and seek, ’til we run out

of excuses to hide

I hope that day would come, sooner than later

Don Charisma

because anything is possible with Charisma

unbolt me

the literary asylum

Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

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