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Alone – A Short Poetry

She was alone but didn’t feel lonely

Until they told her that she was empty

©Maria Michaela


I’m trying to start these short and simple poetry. I’ll write more of these in the future. Can’t come up with a title of this. Anyone who has ideas for a good title?

Edit: Okay. So changed the title from Short Poetry (1) to Alone as suggested by @judeitakali. – Thanks a bunch! 🌹

You may check his page via the link below.

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The Longest Poem

I plan to write the longest poem

the longest poem there’ll ever be

They’ll all grow tired of reading it

But what good would that be?


And so here I write the longest poem

Careful, ’cause you’ll get bored

You see, it won’t end soon

I’m trying to break a world record


Here’s to the longest poem

And here’s to its end