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And with a simple smile

He captured me forever


What Is Love?

Can love ever be defined?

Four words so short yet so powerful 

Its meaning cannot be one and the same

One thing is for sure, it is powerful 

The Longest Poem

I plan to write the longest poem

the longest poem there’ll ever be

They’ll all grow tired of reading it

But what good would that be?


And so here I write the longest poem

Careful, ’cause you’ll get bored

You see, it won’t end soon

I’m trying to break a world record


Here’s to the longest poem

And here’s to its end


Don’t have much to say

I’m a little bit tongue-tied

Let’s try to keep it simple

And not over do it

That is why, without further ado

This poem comes to an end

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Words from a Little Person

Poets bleed from the heart and soul


The single speaks her mind


Dear Reader, I am here to give you a little taste of poetry with some water on the side. When you come on my blog that's all that you will taste is Poetry. Not the type of poetry where it doesn't have a meaning. The type of poetry where you will be inspired, uplifted and you will have a different mindset once you leave this site. You might even come to get a taste of this poetry again. Don't be afraid to let your kids read this blog. My poetry is for and to help the youth. Bring them along with you. You both are scrolling down your phone or on the computer anyway. Let's have fun and get a taste of some poetry. I promise this type of poetry tastes delicious. Grab a plate and a fork and I'll feed you. ENJOY!!!!


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