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Not Mine

He told me a story 

One about love and humor

He smiled in a way I’ve never seen before

His eyes wide and excited

A thrill in his voice
He talked about love

But it was one not to be mine


I used to write about poetry

About love, why I’m happy

Now, it seems I’m always in agony

Sharing about misery 
Maybe I lost my touch

As I drifted away and such

Maybe I never really had much

Before December Ends…

I’d like to let you know
How happy I am to have been given the time
To be part of your life
No matter if it was brief

The gifts may have been unwrapped
But I hope ypu continue to unwrap your potentials
And continue to give and share to the world
Your innate gifts


I wrap the presents for Christmas
I write the names of the one’s I love
I give gifts and ask for none back,
Because Christmas is all about giving…
….after all

Keep A Secret

Can you keep a secret?
Should I share this to you?
I’ll be pouring my heart out
That much is true

I’ll tell you all about it
But please know it is not easy
You may think it’s just fun and games
You might even think it’s cheesy

I’ll tell you my secret because I trust you
So please don’t break the rules
Here goes nothing
This is how it goes……

Talk To Me

Talk to me

Let me know your thoughts

Share me these dreams of yours

Hold me in the moon lit night

Tell me all


I keep the world’s secrets with yours

Just open up to me

Trust that you are extra safe

And know you will always be

Talking To You

Talking to you, feeling at ease

Always fun to express my thoughts and feelings

Since you sincerely and attentively listen


Days of darkness and cold

Seem like a sunny day with you around

Brighter than any light that shines

Always looking forward to being close to you

Let’s get together again….

Let’s talk


Sweet ranting, you listen to

Not a dull moment with you

So glad having an amazing friend

Who puts up with my selfish stories that never end

You hear me out anyway

And always go out of your way

Thanks for being there for me

I’ll make sure I’ll do the same for you, you’ll see

if you hold the moon in your hands,

the stars will follow soon.

for if the moon on the sky disappears,

it takes everything else along with it.

and if by chance the sun would ask

what you have done with it,

make sure to answer straight and true

or risk yourself of burning.


if you hold the moon in your hands,

be careful not to drop it.

for precious gems are hard to find

you certainly won’t find anything else like it.


I used to hold the moon in my hands

but then I came to realize

something so beautiful should be shared

so I placed it back to the sky.

Words from a Little Person

Poets bleed from the heart and soul


The single speaks her mind


Dear Reader, I am here to give you a little taste of poetry with some water on the side. When you come on my blog that's all that you will taste is Poetry. Not the type of poetry where it doesn't have a meaning. The type of poetry where you will be inspired, uplifted and you will have a different mindset once you leave this site. You might even come to get a taste of this poetry again. Don't be afraid to let your kids read this blog. My poetry is for and to help the youth. Bring them along with you. You both are scrolling down your phone or on the computer anyway. Let's have fun and get a taste of some poetry. I promise this type of poetry tastes delicious. Grab a plate and a fork and I'll feed you. ENJOY!!!!


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