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The Curves That I Have

The media is killing me slowly

But I always have a choice

I will not go down the path of wishing to be as thin as a stick

They don’t have the curves that I have

I am beautiful inside and out

I feel comfortable in my own skin

I do not wish to be someone else

Because I am unique

Beauty is not gauged by one’s waistline

The media feeds this false information

To make one feel like an abomination

And sell their good for nothing lies


I refuse to be controlled by society

Because I know I am beautiful

In my own way

In whatever shape or form I may be

So they can keep to themselves and I will keep to mine

What with the curves that I have

They simply can’t compete with me

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The Shapeless

Mold me like a clay in your hands

Change every shape of me

Tighten me

Loosen me

Adjust and do what you will

Remove what you think are imperfections

Beautify every inch

I bend

I fold

I adapt to change

For I am whole yet incomplete

I am full yet empty

I am the shapeless one