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Shades and shadows

In shapes in the dark

Hidden from sight

And it echoes

It echoes through the walls

And you hear it ever so…..

It’s me

It’s my heart

Whispering to yours

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I fell…I fell

Oh! How I fell

The bottomless pit of falling

For him, and him alone

I fumbled and I stumbled and I lost my footing

His presence engulfs me

Drowns me, to a feeling that makes me light-headed

Oh, don’t be offended…..for it’s a good thing


I wait….I wait

For so long I have waited

For him to see, for him to know

Yet the shadow still covers me from telling the truth

To let him know

I struggle with this never-ending battle

Of me, myself and I


He knew

He knows! Oh! I’m sure of it

My eyes gave me away and he always knew

I grew weary and tired of this confusing dance

Although it was clear that I alone felt it

But he was too kind to say it


Yet I still fall and fumble and stumble

Like I’ve just learned how to walk

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The Great Unknown

in death i become whole

where in life i was in pieces

broken and unrepairable

contorted with dismay

holding out a hand for shelter

lost in the unforgiving sea 

never to be recovered

but i become whole


in silence i am heard

i shut my mouth, i’m mum

the more i am heard

past the hurting, past the shadows

i become something more 

i shut my eyes

i see the light

and yet i am still heard…and seen


in life i’m broken

where in death i’m whole

i don’t understand why

it’s just the way it is

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The Old Bridge

Cross the old bridge did she, unmindful of the heavy rain

‘Twas a night like no other you see, for fate was with her and glory to gain

For the land was plagued with a terrible thing,

As horrid as what’s written on The Lord of The Rings

The beats must be stopped, it must be beaten

Its head must be chopped, for thousands it has eaten

Something lurks behind the shadows, catching up to her as she runs

Suddenly, as if like rain, thousands of arrows; the mission has officially begun

She stops and spins around, took out the shield of golden

Ducks and covers, hits the ground; the legendary shield of magic beholden

(to be continued…)