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Harsh words keep me from being myself

Although I still try to love myself more

Each day…

Harsh people kill me slowly inside

They devour what little self-esteem I have left in me

You’re not enough
You’re not worth it
You will never be skinny enough
You are doomed for fatness
You will never lose enough
You are nothing but a joke

Thank you for bringing my self esteem to its lowest low

Zombie Me

Like a zombie I go about the routine mindlessly
I’ve lost the strength
I no longer have the drive
Where is the passion?

I think I’ve lost it all

I am a flower,
Beauty unknown
Kept from unworthy eyes
Alone in the driest place
I thrive, alone

Help! Help!
She cried for help
But no one answered
No one came
No one dared to rescue her

To wait for rescue
Or to rescue herself?
She got up and did it
She saved herself

I Am

I am happy, I am down
I wear my heart like a crown
People laugh like I’m a clown
Maybe I should get out of town

I am smart but never cool
Others take me for a fool
But when I’m done they all will drool
I’ll teach them a lesson, one they never learned in school

I am tough, as tough as nails
Oh! They’ll talk about me, they will tell tales
For even if a million times I’d fail
I will go on, rough seas I’ll sail

People may not always see
All the best that is in me
But I don’t give a damn
Because this is who I am


Am I unworthy to be something more?
I feel rejected,
Not good enough,

Some say I’m much of a goody two shoes
Too good to be true
Funny and one of the guys
It’s a compliment, I know
But that’s all I’ll ever be
Maybe that’s all I am

Bow down to my unworthiness!

Nowhere I Belong

Who am I in this desolate place?

What am I doing here?

Where do I go and what do I do?


Everything is strange

Everything is new at the same time old

I can’t see the end

But I know I can’t stay here

Being Lonely

Just because I do things alone

Does not mean I am lonely

Being lonely is not finding happiness

I find happiness in being alone

So I will continue to do things on my own

The media is killing me slowly

But I always have a choice

I will not go down the path of wishing to be as thin as a stick

They don’t have the curves that I have

I am beautiful inside and out

I feel comfortable in my own skin

I do not wish to be someone else

Because I am unique

Beauty is not gauged by one’s waistline

The media feeds this false information

To make one feel like an abomination

And sell their good for nothing lies


I refuse to be controlled by society

Because I know I am beautiful

In my own way

In whatever shape or form I may be

So they can keep to themselves and I will keep to mine

What with the curves that I have

They simply can’t compete with me

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