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Steering the Ship

Where am I headed, where will I go?

The direction to which I’m taking has haunted me so

To stormy seas and unknown territories, to wherever the wind blows

I follow the path of uncertainty to which each day my fear grows

I year to learn, I yearn to know

Yet, I’m afraid to explore, I go with the flow

My dreams and ambitions are dying slowly

All because I’m acting so cowardly

I live ,day by day, so plainly

Afraid to sail away; would rather live monotonously

I keep the ship close to shore for fear that it might sink

I’m worried all the time, haven’t slept a blink

I feel, know and I think

That my confidence has weaken and has shrunk

I’m sobering up like a drunk

But I haven’t gotten out of this junk

One of these days, I may be able to navigate better

To float on and sail smooth as a feather

I know, I’ll be able to get there