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Clear Waters

Clear waters cleansing the mind

Let me stay here forever

© Maria Michaela

This is from Salagdoong beach in Siquijor, Philippines

I slept after work today. I’m exhausted from the weekend trip. It was like the Amazing Race although it was worth it. I have a lot to catch up here. I’ll get on reading posts soon. 🧡

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When I Return (Off To Somewhere)

By the time you’ve read this, I have gone

Off to somewhere where I can unwind

Do not fret, I shall be returning

Hopefully in a better spirit

You see, I need to dip my toes in the sea from time to time

It is one way I can recharge

Wait for me as the next time, I will be taking you with me

© Maria Michaela

Tranquil Beach by SampadArt Gallery

Hi folks! This is a scheduled post as it’s likely I don’t have internet connection by now. I’m headed off somewhere with my friends for a getaway. I will be sharing photos here once I come back. Stay safe, loving and kind! 🌷🌻💙

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His Smile

It was like a night full of stars just shining down on Earth

Like the moon’s light bathing the quiet sea

It was something familiar and cozy

A feeling of safety and of comfort

Sometimes, some would even say, there was something ethereal

With his smile

© Maria Michaela

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Oh What A View!

What view would you like to see?

Would it be one looking out to sea?

Or do you prefer a mountain view?

One that highlights the sky so blue?

How about a view of the city?

Lighting the night, looking so busy

Or maybe one looking out to a garden

In awe of the natural colour combination

If you could choose, which one would it be?

I’d have all, if it were up to me

© Maria Michaela

Featured image from Pinterest

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The Black Pony Of The Family

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For the visually challenged reader, this image shows three ponies standing in a hilly pasture. Two brown ones are standing close together and a black pony is standing at a distance, alone.

According to his family,
Itim was a weird pony
He dreamt of living near the sea
He didn't care for the hills and valleys
He wanted to swim and feel the sand
He wanted adventures grand
To try new things instead of grass that's bland
Oh how he wished to have a magic wand
He imagined living out his dreams
And stares far away, lost in his schemes
While he is busy with daydreams
His brother and sister take a selfie, it would seem

© Maria Michaela

In response to:

Fandango’s One-Word Challenge – Sea #FOWC

Sadje’s What Do You See #149 #Whatdoyousee #WDYS

Itim is the Tagalog word for Black

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The Sea Girl and The Mountain Boy

I’ve always been the girl of the sea
Always feel it calling to me
Begging for me to come home

He has always been the boy of the mountains
Climbing hills and mountains
Feeling free the higher he climbs

I’m of the sea
He’s of the mountains
Still, we were meant to be

© Maria Michaela

Been busy this past few days. I’ll catch up on my reading soon.