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Old School Love

Write me love letters on perfumed stationeries

Declare love and talk about our future like the visionaries.

Let’s talk face to face, not just a text or chat

Nothing gets better than that.

Let’s watch the sun set and rise and just keep silent

Take in the view and the moment.

Keep it slow, simple, like old school

Yes, that kind of love would be so cool.

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The Creature In The Classroom

It appeared inside our classroom
at a quarter after ten,
it gobbled up the blackboard,
three erasers and a pen.
It gobbled teacher’s apple
and it bopped her with the core.
“How dare you!” she responded.
“You must leave us . . . there’s the door.”
The Creature didn’t listen
but described an arabesque
as it gobbled all her pencils,
seven notebooks and her desk.
Teacher stated very calmly,
“Sir! You simply cannot stay,
I’ll report you to the principal
unless you go away!”
But the thing continued eating,
it ate paper, swallowed ink,
as it gobbled up our homework
I believe I saw it wink.
Teacher finally lost her temper.
“OUT!” she shouted at the creature.
The creature hopped beside her
and GLOPP . . . it gobbled teacher.
-Jack Prelutsky
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because I forgot to tie my shoes

I forgot to tie my shoes

So I missed the bus

Because I missed the bus

I arrived late at school

Since I was late,

I was not able to pass my homework

As I was unable to pass my homework,

I did not get an A+

Because I did not get a good grade,

I did not become an honor student.

Since I was unable to be part of the honor roll

I did not get to be known at school

Since I was a great unknown,

No one voted for me to be class President.

I did not become class President

all because I forgot to tie my shoes.

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Old School

They  say there’s no school

like the old school

I guess they’re right

The cartoons before were certainly

better than the ones now 

The music before meant something

and it touched the heart

Unlike so many music of today

People seemed to be all the wiser

and children seemed to be more healthier

Change is good, that is true

as long as it’s for the better

We need to change, as a way to adapt

but there are some things

that are just hard to let go


I guess I’m being dramatic

and a bit melancholic

I really just can’t help it

If given the chance to relive the 90’s

I would do it all over again


Stuck in the past, maybe I am

I guess I just love being

one of the old school