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Hallow Halloween

The clock strikes midnight and you’re all alone

An eerie feeling washes over you then you hear a low moan

The floorboards creek but you’re standing still

Your heart now beating fast and suddenly a chill!

Someone or something is wailing in the distance

You now wish you have someone else for assistance

As something is slowly creeping its way to you

And you have a feeling it wouldn’t just say “boo!”

The darkness is hiding whatever is coming while you are now more aware of your fears

You say a silent prayer but it doesn’t stop your tears

You hold your breath as you know the thing is going to get you

Suddenly! You think you hear something coo

You turn around slowly and what do you see?

A mirror showing a reflection of yourself that’s as pale as can be.

©Maria Michaela

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The Nightmare Before Dawn

hungry eyes pierced me

like daggers

or eagle’s talons


I bled…almost to death

but I ran

I hid

not before long they found me again


monstrous eyes

big, round and grey

ever watchful as I take each step

and run away


haunting voice I hear

whispers in my ear

“Turn around!”, it said


in the mirror I saw myself

It was I but not the me that I knew of

then I awoke shaking