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Saturn was lonely, no one was around

                  She may have a ring on, but no man had she

They say she’s beautiful

                  Yet Venus gets the glory

Where’s the justice in that?

                  She’d love to see the Sun

But Jupiter blocks her path

                  She never liked him, he bullied her around

She dreams of running away

                  Out far to where Pluto is

She wanted to comfort the little guy

                 Who has been demoted from his status

Mars was no fun, always angry, always red

                  He always fought with Jupiter

Saturn thought them annoying

                  Mercury was always nervous

To be too close to the Sun

                  He was always afraid to get burned

He was no fun

                 Uranus was too quite

Just wanted to stay still

                 He mostly played with Pluto

And was always too shy of her

                Earth was magnificent, she was nice

She always to talk and spend more time with her

               However, that asteroid belt keeps blocking her way

They get to talk at times

               Though not as often as she wanted

Neptune was trying to be king

              Too busy plotting to over throw Jupiter

Her moons kept comforting her

              But they are such a groupie sometimes

So Saturn looks on to space

             Admires the shooting stars

She wished she were as free as them

             But there was one thing she didn’t know

Venus envied her, for she had no ring

              Mercury thought her as bold and brave

Jupiter likes her that’s why he annoys her

             Mars is in love with her too

That’s why he fights often with the big guy

             Uranus wants to be friend’s but just shy

Pluto longs to be closer to her

             Neptunes thinks of her as a daughter

He really just wants to protect her

           And Earth wanted to tell her all this

You see, Saturn just didn’t see

           What others saw in her