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Salty Hair, Sandy Feet

Salty hair, sandy feet

Listen to your heart beat

Beating with the flow of the waves

Look at the way it misbehaves.

The seashells beautify the shore

They let your worries disappear, they are no more.

Bury your feet on the sand

This simple life, isn’t it grand?

Salty hair and sandy feet

This life is simple but complete.

©Maria Michaela

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Spice Of Life

a pinch of salt, a dash of pepper

just to get a good flavor


sprinkle sugar generously

and a cup of cream

how ’bout fruits of all sorts?

mmmmm, sounds oh so good!


chili chimmichanga or savory cinnamon

half cup of basil leaf

makes the aroma so fine


you get all sorts, sometimes more, sometimes less

it’s not always a sour lemon

sometimes, you get a happy meal