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Forever Young, I Don’t Want To be

The wrinkles on my face prove the beauty of my age
The lines on my face shows the beauty I have seen
and what I have encountered
My white hair shows the intelligence I’ve gain
how I became a sage
My memory is a bit faulty….there’s just so many things
I’ve learned, known and gained
My creaking bones stand witness
to the trials I’ve overcome 
the hurdles and problems I’ve juggled
My age is my trophy, it’s proof of the life I’ve lived
I look forward to growing old
And one day I will look back, regretting nothing
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Will I Be Too Old For You?

You look at me like I’m the only one you’ll ever love

I tell you’re more beautiful than the stars above

We each make a promise to keep

To hold together and love each other deep

But will you love me when my hair is gray?

By my side will you always stay?

Will you not grow tired of me?

Or will a broken heart I see?

If I have wrinkles on my face

In your heart will I still have a place?

My love, I won’t be young forever

I could become old all too much quicker


When I’m seventy-nine, will I be too old for you?

Will you still care and love me true?

You look at me now with glittering eyes

Will I be seeing those as my morning surprise?

If my back aches and I walk slow

If my teeth are crooked and my skin no longer a glow

Will you still be as sweet somehow?

Knowing I won’t be as healthy as now?

I pray, that as we grow old together

Our love will be stronger than ever

And if you ask me, “Am I too old for you?”

Remember, there’s no such thing because I love you