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I’m scared to go out…

Because I don’t want to get it
Because that would mean I help spread it
But there’s no one else who is able to do it
And supplies need to be replenished.
So I wear the mask and say a prayer
That I may not be included in the statistics
And that this sickness, never touches my family.

©Maria Michaela

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Stuck Together

Let’s get stuck together from afar

Let’s do our morning routine a bit differently

Let’s stay indoors and enjoy the moment

Let’s do our part to keep each other safe

©Maria Michaela

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Safe Room

I stay in my room where I’m safe

I’m safe

I’m safe.

I stay there to have space and time for myself


Time for myself.

I used to breathe around the house



And just be still in the silence and rudimentary life.

Now I stay in my room trying to keep the noise out

Drown it all down.

So I stay in my room

The only place I feel safe.

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Tears For Aleppo

I worry of what to wear

Yet there is a side in the world, somewhere 

Where they worry for their lives.
I listen to music,

They listen to bombings

Nowhere is safe

My heart breaks.
I watch the news

They watch their loved ones die

For them I cry

And pray for their sake.
I  shed tears and share a prayer

For Aleppo

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Hugs for the lonely

Hugs for those who are happy

Hugs for the brave

And those who dared

Hugs for those who crave

And those who are scared


Hugs are for everyone

And everyone deserves a hug

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Pick You Up

People will misunderstand you

Tell lies until you’ve lost what’s true

Some will break you, will bring false hope

They will drive you insane until you’re at the end of your rope

They will step on you, bring you down

They’ll laugh at you, make you a foolish clown

But when you’re at the brink of giving up

I’d like you to take a moment and stop

And remember me

I’d like you to really see

That someone is always here and there for you

That’s no lie, that is the truth

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I Am Safe

Hold me tight don’t let me go

I am slowly slipping

I’m afraid of where to go

No one here to save me

Oh! But lo and behold!

You reach for me

You saved me


All the things that I fear of

Is removed and gone

You have filled the empty space

You made me feel safe

Oh safe