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Hopeless Romantic

I marvel at the stars,

In awe always of the moon,

Enjoy each sunrise,

In love with the mysteries of the ocean,

They call me hopeless romantic.

©Maria Michaela

Romance by Edgar Allan Poe

​Romance, who loves to nod and sing

With drowsy head and folded wing

Among the green leaves as they shake

Far down within some shadowy lake,

To me a painted paroquet

Hath been—most familiar bird—

Taught me my alphabet to say,

To lisp my very earliest word

While in the wild wood I did lie,

A child—with a most knowing eye.
Of late, eternal condor years

So shake the very Heaven on high

With tumult as they thunder by,

I have no time for idle cares

Through gazing on the unquiet sky;

And when an hour with calmer wings

Its down upon my spirit flings,

That little time with lyre and rhyme

To while away—forbidden things—

My heart would feel to be a crime

Unless it trembled with the strings.


I guess I watch too many chick flicks

That I have no idea how to get real kicks 

Out of life, out of love

But what do I have?

Cliched words if ever there is such a word

Waiting for my prince in shining armor and with his sword

I get tired of being too romantic but then crave for it

Deep inside I do know

All I want is to be cliche in romance

Like Ellie And Carl

They met when they were young
We met as adults

They got to know each other
I’d like for us to be the same

They made each other happy
I’d like a chance of that

He picked her up when she was lonely
Maybe we can have a go with that

They loved each other deeply
I know I’d do the same for you

All I ask is you take notice
Like how Carl took notice of Ellie

They grew old together
And had one of the best love stories I have ever known

I pray I can find something the same
And I pray that it is with you

Romantic Comedy

Oh he smiles!
And then she giggles
She’s star struck
And he doesn’t know

He watches from afar
Secretly wanting to be closer
But she is as far as the galazy is

What happens now?
What will they do?
Will they end up together?
Maybe or not

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Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

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