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Ride The Bike

I worry a lot

It darkens my day and ruins my mood

Dark clouds follow all the time

And I feel I am at my lowest


Worrying is an awful thing

My balance is off

And I lose trust


Thank goodness for real friends

One’s who let you see the brighter side

One’s who show you the other view

And it can be so spectacular!


I worry a lot

But I keep in mind the lesson I learned

Uncertainty breeds fear

But fear has no hold on me now

So, I ride the bike once more

and enjoy the view

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wheels are turning, calories burning

parked under the mango tree

i pedal up the street while keeping to a beat

merrily the wheels turn

around the block once or twice ; if my mom allows it, i’ll make it thrice

such a lovely day for a ride

i started with a trike but now i have a bike

and i plan to ride it all through the night