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Love And Rhyme

Love made them rhyme

But broke their hearts each time

Because love is a currency of pennies and dimes

And breaking the broken is considered a crime

They fall but continue and again they climb

Chase the moon, do your time

Love again and do some rhymes

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A Title Is Needed

I am no poet and this is no poetry 

I write no songs, I share no story

I am mortal and yes I worry

About life, about love

About the moon and stars above
But I am no poet as you can see

I just write whatever comes to me

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Valentines Day Rhymin’

I got the bug, I got the flu

I got the hots for you

I got the X, I got the Y

I got sunny skies

I got the moves, I got the swag

I got the style and no drag

You got the looks, you got the smile

And seems we’ll be here a while

I don’t mind, I got time

To do some valentines day rhyme

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Who Did You Love?

Before it broke who did you give it to?

Who was it that left it black and blue?

Who stole your precious heart,

Only to tear it apart?

Who was this person, whom you thought was the one?

Who was it that suddenly left, suddenly gone?

Who was it that you loved?

The one you gave the stars above?

Who was it that taught you a lesson?

That taught you to love, is all the right reason

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Makes Me Rhyme

I hate that I love you

I hate that I care

I hate that I’m hurting

I hate it, I swear
I hate the way you make me smile

I hate that I’m still waiting

I hate being so close to you

I hate that I am aching 
I hate hearing your name

It should be good as committing crime

I hate hating you because…

Hating you makes me rhyme 

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Just Stuck

All out of ideas
All out of fun
Chugging down rootbeers and munching on tortillas
I’ve had it! I’m done!

I wanted to be artistic
I wanted to be dramatic
A little sarcastic
But definitely poetic

However, all the rhyming as spent me
I think I’ve had enough
This feels like a chore now, I’ll admit guiltily
It’s been kind of rough

I can’t even write a single line
I feel stuck in the mud
I don’t know if I’ll ever feel fine
Because as of the moment, my head seems to be full of crud

Maria Michaela

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Oh When You Rhyme!

It takes time

To perfect the rhyme

Practice helps a lot

But if talent is what you haven’t got

It will fall to waste


Keep trying

Even if you keep failing

You may one day become the best

One that stood to all the test

And rhyming will come easy

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Writing Rhyme

When I rhyme, I smile

I feel rusty since it’s been a while

The words escape me

Which is not how it used to be

I rack my brain for words to pour

My mind’s a blur, out the window to the sky it soared

Still I try to come up with words that rhyme

Just getting through the day,

Just passing the time

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I Don’t Know How To Rhyme

I wanted to write something

something that would rhyme

I tried my very best

but I failed everytime.


I thought of the sun, the moon,

the birds, the trees;

I thought of the night, the light

the rain and the seas.


Somehow it did not make sense

the words were flat

I held the pen for as long as I could

then gave up and there I just sat


Rhyming was just too hard

it certainly is for me

so I gave it all up.

Looking at this now I see the rhymes,

but how can that be?