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I wonder if I’d ever fall again

I wonder if that will ever come

Right now I am not looking for it

If it will never come, I won’t mind at all

It’s My Choice

I am hard to understand, so better not try to

Not many can see what I can

I am considered a freak of society 

Because I choose to be single

At an age that many are already settled.
My being settled is different from most

And I know it’s hard to comprehend

My relationship status is not bounded or dictated by society

It’s just what I choose

I choose me

And others fail to see that.

About Being Single

Every single day they tell me

Tease me

And sometimes it hurts me

Because a single word can be hurtful 

When every single time you are told

As if you do not feel a single emotion 

As if you are not smart enough to understand 

Because they think being single is a disappointment 

When truth is, their single mindedness 

Is the real problem

A Someone

Sometimes we just need a someone

Specially when it feels like no one

Is on our side
And sometimes when I get lonely

I imagine being with my one and only

And wonder, what if I too had a someone

Platon, Platonic

Too good or too afraid
Too smart or too prepared
One of the boys but she’s a girl
Cold yet gentle, she’s no gold but is a pearl
She prefers to keep it platonic
Most often than she should

Love me on a Sunday
Leave me on a Monday
Break my heart before night falls

Hold me on a Tuesday
Let me cry my eyes out

Promise me the world
On a lovely Wednesday night
Tell me this will never end

Let’s make it through a Thursday
Without any heartbreaks
Spend a quite day under the sun

By Friday I will realize this could not last
So I will let you go
And by Saturday, while I may be alone
I will be a lot better without you

Yes, I Am Single

With someone?
No, just me

I don’t need to be in a relationship to feel complete
Having a companion is just one of the perks in life

Truly I cam say to you
I am single and happy

Single Blissfulness

I admit
It can be lonely, sometimes
Specially when you’ve been waiting
When at one point he would be it but isn’t after all
When you were so ready
Yet it wasn’t meant to be

You ask what’s wrong with yourself
Then you look at all the blessings you have
And say you’re happy and contented

But I guess you really come to a point
When you feel lonely
And wish that whoever he is
Comes soon

Then there’s someone with great potential
Has almost all the things you like and sometimes even more
You can’t help but slowly grow closer
But the catch is
That person has a significant other
Not married but somehow committed

So you float along
Back to the beginning
From where it started
And try to find that happiness of being without a significant other


Am I unworthy to be something more?
I feel rejected,
Not good enough,

Some say I’m much of a goody two shoes
Too good to be true
Funny and one of the guys
It’s a compliment, I know
But that’s all I’ll ever be
Maybe that’s all I am

Bow down to my unworthiness!

But What Are We?

I know we’re friends, officially

But sometimes it seems more

So what are we?


I know you’re single and so am I

But people see us as a couple

And I’m not sure why.


I know I like you and you like me

We like each other

But what are we?


I am a girl and I am your friend

Am I both or one?

Not sure of the message you send


So it gets confusing as you can plainly see

What am I and what are you

The question lingers, so what are we?

Words from a Little Person

Poets bleed from the heart and soul


The single speaks her mind


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