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Before Bedtime

Getting ready for bed, all excited and dandy

I can finally rest my head on soft pillows I have handy

I peep through the window and something caught my eye

Something beautiful that I cannot deny

The moon smiled but with a different color

It smiled bright red, that I’m sure

I smiled back, silently thanking for a good night.

©Maria Michaela

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Red were my eyes because I chose to leave

I left because you needed me but didn’t want me.

Red was the sky, crying just like I

I left because I had to.

I needed to be me

To be free

From the faults and false of you.

Red was my heart, bleeding,

Almost dying

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Why do I blush?

I used to be so good at hiding
Emotions was always easy to fake
I was good at it
But recently, not so

When teased, I blush!
Why do I do that?
You don’t make my heart skip a beat
Yet there is a way you make me feel

I can’t help it, it annoys me
Because for some reason
My emotions don’t want to hide from you

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Play of colors red and green
Brown and black and in between
Yellow and pastel blue
Pink and purple
Looks good on you
A symphony of orange and beige
This seems to be all the rage
Come along and bask under the rainbow
Let it color your world

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Blood Moon On The Rise


Cover your eyes
Shut it from the world
But do not hide from the blood moon

Fear not for it is not all that bad
It is nature’s beauty
Marvel at it

Red like ruby
Firey like flame
But a gem it is truly

The stars shy away
The sky is still
As the blood moon dances its once in a lifetime ballet

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Blushing Pink and Red

Can I blush? Just cause you are near

My grammar, my speech, my comprehension and spelling

Are thrown out the window because you are near me

I am speechless

I hold my tongue out but it’s not there


I feel blood rushing to my face

Everytime you look my way

My knees grow weak and I swoon

Catch me and don’t let me break

Smile your cutest smile and give it only to me

My insides churn not cause I’m sick

But because of the butterflies


While others turn black and blue

Like a Tulip I turn pink and red, and nervous all over

You get me all the time

So I ask once more

Can I blush?

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Red like the tulip or the inside of a watermelon

Blue as the sky and the deepest ocean

Orange as the sunset over the horizon

Green as the leaves or the grass in the garden

White like the clouds that differs in shape

Yellow like bananas or a lemon in your tea

Purple like the grapes that hung on their vines


The world is a rainbow full of colors,

full of life

Such a wonderful sight to behold

A sight that we need to preserve