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In a world of online,

We become offline to the real world.

©Maria Michaela

Close Your Eyes And See

If you close your eyes

You will see more

More truths

More colors

More of the reality that you’ve been missing


It’s strange how real it felt

His face was so close to mine

I held them

I felt it

He was real

And then I woke up

But his smell and presence remained

It’s True

In her mind he is not a dream but a reality come true


And though I loved the way he made me feel

It wasn’t true, it wasn’t real

It was all scripted

For he was after all like all my toys,


Fake Face

I keep hiding behind smiles

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if they’re even real

Sure Real

Eyes of blue that penetrate the very core of your soul

A smile that intensifies each time you see it

And my heart flutters like butterflies on first flight

That voice, angelic and soft and calm

Makes you wonder if he’s real or just a dream within a dream

I could never fathom how someone this real, could be unreal all at the same time

Living Pages

He was speaking to her

She knew it in her heart

But he only lived on the pages

Reality tore her apart


He would hold my hand

He would pick me up and help me stand

He’d laugh at me and with me

Do special things happily

He’d eat the chocolate then tease me

I’d act as if mad then tickle him silly

He’s my friend, my confidant

My love for him is whole and extravagant

I know he feels the same

And for him, this is no game

But there is no use, no point of being proud and standing tall

Because at the end of the day he is made up in my mind, that is all

We go up,
We go down,
I stay away and around
I like you but you don’t seem to
You don’t feel the same as I do

Not like the stories of fairytales of old
More like real life
Waiting and being told

You and I, we are real
And it can go awry or either way
But for now I will wait
So we shall see

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Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

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