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I held him in my arms

Loving him truthfully.

I let him use his charms

As I reached out to him longingly.

Hard To Get

They want what they can’t have

They work hard for it

But what happens when they get it?

Will they remember how hard it was to get it in the first place?

Or will they throw it aside?

Wanting is different from needing

Nearly There

When I haven’t started, they doubted me

Which made me doubt myself too

But as I started, those who doubted faded slowly

So I did what I had to do
Step by step, slowly with each inch

I worked hard despite getting tired along the way

Almost losing sight of the goal, so myself I had to pinch

I questioned myself but carried on anyway
And now, here I am where they say I could never be

I’m nearly there despite the bruises and scars you see


The clouds are high, I cannot reach

So I tiptoe and use the mountains as a step

Chasing Dreams

How far can I chase the stars?

How long will I chase the moon?

Will I ever hold the heavens?

Will I ever see the universe?
How far?

How long?

Will I ever reach the dreams I chase?


The goal is there
It’s yours for the taking
All you need to do is work for it

Reach! Reach up!

So close to see but so far out of reach
I reach for you but in a sea of faces
I am just another stranger
Nothing special that’ll make you notice.
Since I can’t take your heart,
I’ll take a mental picture and keep it in my gallery of places out of reach

Maria Michaela

Don Charisma

because anything is possible with Charisma

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the literary asylum

Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

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