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When It Rained

The rain was pouring hard

And I was tired and not on my guard

You came up to me and smiled

But not the usual smiled you have

It was warm, soft

It pierced my heart

But it was good

And there we stood

Face to face and almost holding hands

Just there, that moment


Sadness and Rain

And even the sad ones 

Smile when the rain falls

Let The Rain

Emotions churning inside
But I would rather hide
And let the rain do my bidding
It’s true, I’m not kidding
Let it pour out my tears
And let it flood my fears
Because I am taking it as a sign
That you would never be mine

Bed, Bed Weather

I don’t want to get up
Not even to sit up
I want to lay in bed all day, if I have to
These rainy days wash away my blues
But I just want to stay in bed
Even if it’s just for today

The Sky Wept

I woke up to a cold, gloomy day
I looked outside, the sun was away
Drops of water fell, it’s raining
Looks like the sun has been crying.

When It Rains, It’s Wet

I love the rain
It’s gracefulness
It’s beauty

I love the smell of the earth
It fills my heart with joy

It pours gently
And washes away the idleness of life

I love the rain

The Darkest Tunnel

Find yourself in the Chaos

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