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What’s The Contents Of The Content?

What content are we spreading out?
Are we spreading awareness?
Talking about kindness?
Or are we agents of hate?
Are we helping to make this already crazy world better?
Or are we keeping mum of the matter?
What content are we reading
Or supporting?
Does it help us become better?
What content are we spreading out?
© Maria Michaela

The Weekend Challenge from GC and Sue is the word Content.

“Fake news and rumours thrive online because few verify what’s real and are always biased towards content that reinforces their own biases.” ~ Ryan Higa

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It’s All In My Head

This is in response to Sadje’s What do you see # 136. If you’d like to join, kindly click on the hyperlink.

Image credit; Muhammed Hassan @ Unsplash

For the visually challenged reader, this image shows a woman whose face has black streaks of mascara on her cheeks. She wears a sad expression and has her hands placed on her head.

It's all in my head...
The questions
The hesitations
The self doubts

A part of me gives encouragement
Tells me to boost my self confidence
And to clear thoughts of this negativity

If only I can clear this junk
as easily as I can do it on my phone
But they are recurring
And sometimes stronger than before

I'm trying
I'm working on it
But the pull is so strong
I'm afraid I'll break

The self doubts
The hesitations
The questions
It's all in my head...

© Maria Michaela

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Stop Asking Me

Stop asking what kind of guy I like,

Or what makes my heart skip like a lightning strike!

Stop asking about my ideals,

It’s looking a lot like these questions are serials.

Stop asking  me about who or what captures my heart,

Just keep it light as a start.

I’m tired with all the twenty questions,

That’s it for now, I’m through with any suggestions.