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You Were The Music

I crossed the room in search of something

And in the corner of my eye, I saw you there, standing

I flinched a little knowing we were in the same room

No one noticed because the dance floor was busy

I wondered, as I often did when it came to you, if you saw me

Or did you pretend not to?

The music went on, just like you did

I was the dancer lost into you, my music

You were the music but now, no more

I should have known that symphonies also ended

Gradually it starts and then fade

Like my emotions for you

But I’ll never be rid of that feeling

The one that churns your insides

That uncontrollable feeling of guilt for me and sadness for what we never were

But I steadied myself and went out of the room

Not because you were there, but because there was no point in staying

Like the music, this will soon fade

And you will just be another song I’ll sing about

©Maria Michaela

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Our terrace has become a garden. Photo taken on 8 July 2020.

Work beckoned me so up the stairs I went

And then I hear the pitter patter of rain

Outside, the sky was gloomy gray

The morning air was blowing cold

It was going to be a very good day.

©Maria Michaela

The photo is unedited. I took the picture through our screen door which gives this effect.

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Last Day of 31st

Dear self,

This will be your last day of being thirty-one.

You can never go back to it but you can always look back to the lessons learned along the way.

Enjoy your last day of being this old or young….however you prefer to see it.

As the song goes, I’m thirty-three for a moment

In this case, you’re thirty-one for a moment and before you know it, you’re a year older.

Moments can go by fast.

Remember, not everyone gets to be this old so be proud of it.

As you move forward, may you slowly let go of the fears that are holding you back.

Let that self love grow

Continue to work on that self-esteem and never give up

Accept rejection and failure

See the lesson in them and also seek the lesson in every success.

May the last day of being a thirty-one year young be a fruitful one.

Cheers to you!

©Maria Michaela

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Cebu, Philippines

While l was looking for a particular post I did before, I came across an old poem of mine written in the early days of this blog.

I didn’t find the post that I was looking for (maybe I didn’t post it here or maybe I’m just getting old….er), but I found this post I made about my hometown. I think I should write more about the beauty of where I live.

This post also reminded me that this blog has been up for eight years! Wow! I didn’t think I’d be writing er typing or posting poetry for so long.

Without further ado, here’s the poem. You may also check the original post by clicking here.

“Beautiful Cebu”

Wide is the sun, light is the wave

Dark is the chocolate, the one I crave

Beautiful is the island, Pearl of the Orient Seas

Cool is the pineapple, wonderful is the breeze

The cross of Magellan, momentous where it stands

Near the church majestic, colossal and grand

Beaches, waterfalls, a paradise in Malapascua; a place you want to stay

Or maybe to a mountain top of a view that takes your breath away

Relax and unwind from the busy schedule

I stretch my legs and slice the mango; tasty, juicy, makes my saliva dribble

I listen to music from a guitar of awesome handicraft

This is Cebu, a place I call my home

©Maria Michaela

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Shining Smile

I thought of giving Tetracyts a go after being inspired by a poem from one of my favourite blogger.

Tetractys is a poetic form invented by Ray Stebbing, consists of at least 5 lines of 1, 2, 3, 4, 10 syllables (total of 20). Tetractys can be written with more than one verse, but must follow suit with an inverted syllable count. Tetractys can also be reversed and written 10, 4, 3, 2, 1.

I encourage you to read Sam’s poem, it’s a good one. Check out her poem here.



Oh so bright

Like the sunshine

I can make it through the day with that smile

©Maria Michaela

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A new age

A new chapter

You’ve gone through the pages

One after the other

On this new stage

May the seas be smoother

©Maria Michaela

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I built my castle on a land not too far away but hidden from the world

I’m no princess or queen, I’m no royalty

Just a bibliophile on an epic journey.

And if you must seek me

The clue is in the library

Between the pages of the books is where I will be

©Maria Michaela

I love reading books. I have a number that I haven’t read yet. I’ve taken the opportunity of this lockdown to start reading some. The goal I set for myself is to read at least one book every week. So far, so good. How about you guys?

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The Quiet One

They know me as the quiet one

And automatically they label me as serious

They don’t even become curious

To try and know me.

They say I’m the quiet one

And automatically they say I’m boring

They don’t care about knowing

What I might have to say.

Quiet ones don’t do much, they say

Quiet ones don’t have fun in any way

But we quite ones know better

©Maria Michaela

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I have this favourite bookmark I’ve had for fifteen years now

Given to me by a really good friend

A plastic cover to try and preserve it somehow

So it won’t be ruined, wouldn’t easily bend

Always found between the pages of the book I’m currently reading

The bookmark is the book’s company

I sip my coffee, from time to time stopping

Knowing I could find my way back without agony

It’s a mark that doesn’t really leave a mark

The simple yet useful, bookmark

©Maria Michaela