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Your Daily Reason

I want to be your sunrise
and the reason you love waking up in the morning
Or to be your moonrise
while enjoying the quiet of the evening

I’d like to be your sunset
and your reason to hurry back home
Or to be your dawn
enjoying a coffee or two

A lingering thought
one that’s hard to forget

I don’t want to be just a memory
I want to be your constant
I want to be your daily reason

© Maria Michaela

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Looking Back

I look back with fondness

Of a life I’ve lived to my fullest

All of its ups and downs

The bitterness mixed with the sweetness

With gratitude in my heart

I couldn’t be more contented

© Maria Michaela

Featured image from the blog Celebrate Each New Day

I’ve actually been putting this on hold as it took a while for me to find an image that would match this post. I was going to publish it without any artwork but thought it would be better with it. I’m glad I found this artwork. I don’t know who the artist is but it’s from the blog I’ve mentioned.

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Went off to a far off place

For adventure I wanted to chase

Hopped on two planes and a boat

Found beauty that was something to take note

Took photos for memories to share

And to remember scenes beyond compare

While reviewing the pictures, a scene familiar came

Looked up the photos shared then I exclaimed!

For before me was proof of a coincidence

© Maria Michaela

A few years ago, I went to Batanes, the top most part of the Philippines. It’s not easy to get there as there are few flights and it’s a bit on the expensive side. It’s expensive for a local travel. The place had been on my bucket list and to make sure I’d get there, I told my family and friends that I need to get there before I turn 30 (set a deadline). That achievement has been unlocked.

I took lots of photos when my two girl friends and I went there. One photo was of particular interest and it is the first one below.

The upper photo was a photo I grabbed from Google which served as inspiration for me to go to Batanes. The bottom one was the one I took while behind the tour van. When I snapped the photo, I just thought that the scene was great. I never thought I’d take the same photo of the same view from my inspiration photo.
Some scenes in Batanes. It’s like the Philippine version of New Zealand
Fundacion Pacita is the one on top. It’s an expensive hotel in Batanes. The one below was a sunset taken on top a hill at Vayang Rolling Hills
This was in Sabtang, one of the islands in Batanes. The top one is a view of the place we were going for some photoshoot. The one at the bottom is the view to go back to the road where the tour van was parked.
Other places in Batanes is like straight out of Middle Earth.
Some photos of me, my girl friends and our tour group. The last photo where we’re all jumping took time. We got tired jumping but the last one proved to be gold.
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Self Portrait

I see two brown eyes looking back at me

And sometimes I see it being clouded by doubts, fears and anxiety

A jaw, serious and strong

Also quivers at the uncertainty

Hands that have known work

Also weakened by time

I may look like I have figured it all

But I question myself quite often

One thing is certain though,

I’ll continue on my journey, I won’t ever give up

I may take some rest, but a quitter I am not

© Maria Michaela

Featured image is taken from Pinterest

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Before I Die

Image credit; Google images

I don’t want much before I die

Only that you and I

Sing one more lullaby

I’ll strum the guitar while you sing the songs

Your tune is just right and never wrong

Oh we could just go on and on

Before I die, that’s what I’ll do

Sing a song or two

With no one else but you

© Maria Michaela




The painting above is called The Guitar Player by José Ferraz de Almeida Júnior and was found at Wikimedia Commons.

For the visually challenged reader, the first image shows a black chalk board with a caption, “Before I die” on the top. Below are slots where people can write their opinions.

For the visually challenged writer, the second image is a painting that shows a man sitting on the ledge of an open window playing a guitar and a woman standing on the street outside listening to him playing.

This is in response to:

Sadje’s What Do You See #120

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge – while this is more poetry than flash fiction, I hope this will still do 🙂