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Forever Is A Lie


I hear it often

I see it less

It’s all a lie


Saad (Promise)

Gugma ang gisaad
Kasakit ang gihatag
Mao ba kini ang sukli sa pagmahal?

You promised to love me
But you ended up hurting me
Is this what you get when you love?

Maria Michaela

Why Is Forever?

Why is forever so hard to find?
I can wait, I really don’t mind
Why does it have to end?
Can’t we try to fix this and make amends?
Why did your heart lose the love?
The one I that I cared so much of
Why is forever gone with the wind?
My heart cries now when before it grinned
Tell me….why is forever?

Cross My Heart

I can’t promise I won’t hurt you

I can’t promise I won’t lie

I won’t say you’ll never be blue

or that you’ll never cry

I can’t promise you forever

as I won’t live that long

But I’ll promise you a lifetime

full of meaning, full of rhyme

I can’t do everything you ask

though I’ll try to do the household task

One thing I can promise though

despite my imperfections

Is that I’ll love you and that it’ll always be true

this I promise, cross my heart

and you’ll never hear any objections

Forever Yours, Yahweh

Walk with me, I’ll hold your hand

so you can see the path I’ve laid down for you

Close your eyes and believe in Me

and you shall see what I see

All the loveliness in you

Hold my hand, don’t let go

trust in Me for I will not let you go

When you fall, I will catch you

and pull you up back safely

I promise only peace and happiness

though the road to get there may not be paved

You will encounter problems

but that is only to keep you strong

So you will call on Me

I will always be at your side

and I will always hear your call

I have and will never break My promise

My love is eternal and unconditional

I will fill your emptiness and make you whole

I will await your return

until then, I hope to hear from you

Forever yours…..

The Darkest Tunnel

Find yourself in the Chaos

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