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The problem is…

…it just can’t be
Even if I or you would want for it to be
Now is not the time,

But like before, I waited
Though the end was not as happy
I know there was a reason

With you, it may be the good wait
And so I will
Until it’s time

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Heavy heart on a heavy coat

You look so down and older

The rain is pouring heavily on you

Washing out any trace of happiness

Pour it out like a tea to a cup

I’m here for you and I’ll catch your fall

Beat your weariness to the beat of the drum

Let’s chase your blues away on a fast car

The sunshine is just behind dark clouds

And you don’t have to do it alone

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I haven’t heard from you lately.

It’s been days, no weeks, since you came ’round.

What have you been doing lately?

What has kept you so busy?

Not a “hi” or” hello” or even the slightest clue

to where you are

or have been


I’ve missed you a lot lately

And I can’t believe you’re so dismissive

What has happened to you lately?

You have not told me anything

You’ve kept to yourself,

which is very unusual of you


What’s got you so caught up lately?

You’re physically here but your mind is far away

You stare into space

I know you have a problem

Lately, you have not told me

You’ve been distant

Am I not your best of all best friends?


I worry a lot about you lately

What has happened to you my friend?

What or who has done you ill?

Tell me your troubles,

I’d really like to know

I’d like to help and ease your pain

Whatever it might be


You haven’t picked up the phone lately

I’ve left hundreds of messages

You know I’d do anything to help you out

I hope I’d get the chance to talk to you

To comfort you


Let’s you and I talk, one of these days

since lately, I’ve missed your voice

Call me my friend, for I am here

for you, always

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Life Is Impossible, That’s Why It’s So Wonderful

Life is full of surprises

that’s why it’s so wonderful

To be given such a gift

isn’t it blissful?

To be able to learn something new everyday

to undertake what seems impossible

Is something to be proud of

don’t be so negative and think it’s dreadful

Your life is a gift

so be grateful

 If you think it’s otherwise

or that it’s awful

then you’re looking it at the wrong direction

our life is not built for perfection

We’re supposed to struggle

so we can learn to be thankful

Your life is wonderful

your purpose is golden

Don’t ever give up

and be thankful often