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Her face

His posts

Their profile, is filtered.
They see the world

They take a photo

They share it so everyone else can envy them

But their life is filtered.
As if they live in a rose colored world

As if they are perfect

They go the extra mile just to get a million likes

Because their world is filtered.

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Broken and Mended

I bleed, I die

Every now and then I sigh


I hold my breath each time

I wonder if loving you is such a crime


True love has never been so hard, I guess

At times I feel I’m such a mess


Although people say I bloom

It’s because of you I forget all the gloom


I should not expect much

There isn’t really any, that is such


Up and down I go

Happy and at times it hurts so


The things I do for love, for you

The things I do

Sometimes makes me blue


But your smile pours down on me

And I’m high up so suddenly


I stop and wonder once more

Why I love you so much now than before

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She Is

I wish I could be as strong as she is

See, she is a fighter

and I? A mere weakling

She has real courage

as tough as a rock yet kind-hearted and forgiving

I could never be like her even if I tried

She is irreplaceable

One in a billion

She is mom

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Sweet Flowers of May

the flowers of May blossomed

and I wondered if they would ever know

if the people would ever know

take notice or take time

to admire the flower’s sweet perfumes


the flowers have blossomed and it’s been for quite sometime

yet nobody took notice

not even the gardener or the flower shop keeper

how could they just ignore the beauty that surrounds them?

does it matter not to them?


the flowers of May wilted to June

still they took no notice

will they ever learn to be grateful

before it is too late?


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Something Sweet

It may just be me or a trick of the light

But there seems to be fondness,

His eyes full of delight

Whenever he looks my way

It may be nothing, I may just be imagining

Maybe I’m just blinded

by the fact that I like him

But then he’s never had that look on me before

He steals a glance, or so I think

I sense he’s looking my way

Or I could just be paranoid

A hint of jealousy, at least that’s what I see

When he sees me around this other guy

A friend of mine, a very good one

Seems like he’s cautious with him

This game we play can be tiresome at times

But silly me thinks there’s something sweet about it

We play this hide and seek, ’til we run out

of excuses to hide

I hope that day would come, sooner than later