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Good morning today!

I said goodbye to yesterday

Tomorrow is another day

I’ll make it through another day

I’ll go get it and do it my way

And so I’m glad I have today

Embrace the sunrise

The smell of coffee
The softness of your pillows
The morning.

Embrace everyday with a smile and positivity

The Path

Walk the path, look back only to see

How far you’ve come to be

Fear will always be there

But you’ve become stronger than what you were

Believe in yourself and never lose hope

If you fall down, learn that you can always cope

Be positive even if it seems bleak

You are strong, never think you’re weak


Go on

Walk on

The path is yours to take


I walked on when others head back

I moved forward when others cowered in fear

Held my head high when all felt embarrassed

Spoke out when others kept mum

It never was easy, it never will

But because of the struggle I’ve learned to be determined


Clean your closet of all the negativity

Let your creativity and passion flow

Drop the bomb on all the impossibilities

And let your imagination grow

Choose to be happy and learn from your mistakes

Struggles and hurdles can only make you stronger

I know there is a lot at stake

But it will get better, just hold on a little longer

Let all good things burst out from you

The world needs to see your beauty

Give it all you’ve got, to yourself stay true

Let your kindness, strength and talent overflow

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