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Poets are mostly introverts

Whose emotions they pour over





They do not seek attention but would like the world to know they exist

We exist!


They see beauty in the sorrow

Turn ugly into pretty

They cry silently though

Their tears they turn to inspiration to others


They are dreamers

They are poets

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That’s Real Love

Have you ever fallen in love?
Felt giddy with butterflies in your stomach?
So strong is the feeling that you can hardly contain yourself?
A smile is somewhat stuck on your face,
Somehow it can’t be erased?

That’s the silly kind of love
Not the real one.

When you feel warm, safe, contented
That’s real love

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House By The Beach

Oh yes!
Many of us dream
To have a house
Where the view is fine
Where the air is summery cool
A hamock under a tree
Refreshments at your side

Wouldn’t it be nice!
Wouldn’t it be grand!
Or a house by the cliff
Looking out the beach
Yes! That would be a great retirement

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Never Enough

No, not enough
Give it all
What you have
Still not enough

Work hard
Move on
Do your best
But it’s not enough

Be positive
Do what you can
Reap the rewards
It matters not to them
Because you are not enough

Give it up
Let it go
Don’t waste your time
Nothing will ever be enough

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A Poet’s Tree

He climbed along
He went alone
He searched for himself

He looked for solace
But found no place
So he took his pen

He wrote of wonders
He wrote things
Of love and heart break

He took the paper and buried it amongsts the trees
He then left to a far away place

He planted the seed and others followed
But what happenes to him
That, no one knows