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Blue and Rust

I am blue

Like the color of the sea

Like the sky that is clear

Like a blue rose some rarely see

You are orange-brown

One they call rust

Like the leaves in autumn

Like the sun rising in the horizon

I am cool

You are warm


We are just right

© Maria Michaela

Hi folks! I hope your weekend has been a good one. I am currently not feeling so well as I have the colds. When monsoon season comes, cough, colds and the flu comes along with it. Don’t worry, I’ve taken medicine and I’ve masked up inside the home. I haven’t gone outside as well. Don’t want to spread this.

Hoping I get well soon. It’s a good thing I’m working from home tomorrow. I’ll try and catch up on posts by tomorrow as for now, I’ll get some rest. Stay safe everyone!

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I’m Giving Up

I’m giving up

But please don’t think I didn’t try

There are some things in this world that we can’t have

or can’t achieve

no matter how much we try

I’m giving up as I’m thinking

this might not be for me

Something else, something that suits me better

might be out there

That is why

I’m giving up

© Maria Michaela

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Photo from Tumblr

I look around to see if you’re there
but the clouds rule the night sky
It has hidden your beauty away
from mortal eyes

No light shining
No twinkling can be seen
I’m on Earth and you’re up there
The clouds in between

Even for just a moment
I’d like to glimpse your light
It would make me happy
It would make my night

© Maria Michaela