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Like A Bee

It’s been a busy week

Monday comes again, in a blink of an eye

Once more, I give out a deep sigh

Some relaxation is what I seek

Been working hard all day, everyday

Weekends are for resting, that’s what I say

Next week will be taxing

But for now, I’ll be busy relaxing

©Maria Michaela

For Sue and GC’s Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge BUSY

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Comfort in Darkness

We worry too much of the things unseen
Afraid of what the dark may hold
But there truly is beauty in the dark too
The stars and the moon are brighter when bathed in darkness
Your mind becomes quiet when you are in the dark
It allows you to think or to be in tune with your surroundings

Darkness hides the pain too
It keeps our secrets
Comforts us in a way it only can
For in the the light, we often shy away from our pain
Pretend to be alright
Yet darkness sees our brokenness
And once poured out,
Often helps us heal

Sometimes, we just need a bit of darkness

© Maria Michaela

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Poets Dream

Poets dream
Sometimes of coloured dreams and sometimes of black and white
Sometimes of chaos and sometimes of peace

Poets dream of moonlit nights
and sky full of stars
But sometimes, starless skies are the muse
And grey clouds are inspiration

Poets dream be it night or day
Our head full of musings

©Maria Michaela

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Stars On Earth Or Fairies?

You hold the stars within you
You shine
You sparkle
You glow
Magic it seems

Likened to fairies
You captivate us mortals
How wonderful it was to see you once more
To have been graced by your beauty

It has been many moons since I’ve seen fireflies
Blessed was I to have had the chance

© Maria Michaela

When we went to Siquijor (read as See-Key-Hor), I was able to see fireflies. I’ve posted before that I have not seen fireflies in such a long time, so you can imagine my happiness. I don’t have any photo as it was a bit difficult since there were only a handful and didn’t keep their lights on for long.

View at the back of the place where we stayed at Siquijor. Wherein the tide was still low. The trees to the right was were the fireflies were.
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The two of us, together in this

I know we can make it through

Hold my hand and I’ll hold yours

Together we are stronger

© Maria Michaela

For Sue and GC’s Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge TWO.

Poster of The Last of Us series from HBO taken from Google image

Have you seen the series The Last Of Us? It’s a great series. Even if you’re not into the zombie genre, I highly recommend it. This post was inspired by the main character duo of Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey).

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So Much Love

It’s in the wind being blown throughout the world

It’s in the stars above

The sun gives it off freely too

All we have to do is receive it

Open your arms and feel it engulf you

It’s all around

It whispers at night

Spread by shooting stars

There is still so much

So much love

© Maria Michaela

“Love is All Around” by Wet Wet Wet
I just love this song
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A Simple Walk

Let’s go for a walk
A nice slow one
Take in the scenery
Be in tune to the now
Remove distractions of mobile phones
No listening to music using earphones
Just, walk
Walking is good
It’s good for our health
Heals the heart and the soul
Take my hand
Let’s go for a walk
© Maria Michaela

For GC and Susan’ Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Walking

PS: Susan’s not feeling so well. Hope she feels better soon.

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Things Keep Changing

The only thing that's constant is change, that's how the saying goes

Sometimes, too many changes in a short span of time can be overwhelming

Close your eyes and breathe slowly

Steady your heart and clear your mind

Change can be daunting

But can also be the breath of fresh air that you needed

© Maria Michaela
“Night Changes” by One Direction
Not much of a One Direction fan but I really love this song from them

For GC and Susan’s Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Change