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I used to see colors of different hues

Then I only saw all blues

Clouds once white now heavy gray

I think I’ll sulk here and stay

Love once pure, now it’s stained

Everything lost, nothing gained

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Live Today

When you feel like giving up
Like the world is falling apart
Like the rain will drown you
And you’re afraid to go back to the start
Lift your head and see the sun
Behind the clouds, behind the rain
Each day is new and another day to start fresh
You’ve got a lot to lose but more to gain
Live each day and live in the present
The past us done and the tomorrow is yet to come
You can do it, I know you can
Do not be afraid and live…just live

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Sugar Cookies

She told me “no”
And I asked “why”
She said, “you know…”
And all I could do was sigh

I wanted to play
Outside where it was raining
But mom said, “no way”
So I was inside nearly crying

Sweet sugar cookies she gave to me
I smiled ear to ear
“When you’re well you may play outside again,” she beamed at me
It didn’t even matter since the cookies erased my tears

Maria Michaela

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Umbrellas Off

A gust of wind blew strong and hard rattling the roofs
The rain, piercing like pins against the skin
Stronger both rain and wind grew
Roaring through the thin silence
No thunder or lightning present
Yet we all fear the beast
Better not let it catch you
Take cover, take shelter

Maria Michaela

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I walked with the moon
Hand in hand as I swooned
While over the great beyond
The stars parade every second
The music of the mystic night
Blanketed the space that was left by the light
I held my breath as this orchestra unfolded
‘Twas an epic scene which left me dumbfounded

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How Am I Alone?

It gets kind of lonely
It gets kind of sad
Sometimes I want to just cry
Sometimes I just want to get mad

I’m fine being alone
In fact it can be enjoyable
But sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with me
Am I not so sociable?

If I am destined to be alone
I will embrace it completely
I pray I will not be envious
And be contented and live happily