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I scraped my knee again.

Mom is going to be angry.

She’s going to count to ten

So I’ll enter the house, ending my play abruptly.


My knee already hurts but she’ll still scold me.

I’ll get banished to my room like Rapunzel trapped in the tower.

She’ll ground me indefinitely

Though I don’t know what that means.

All I know is that it would be more than an hour.


So instead of telling mom that I scraped my knee

I’ll keep this a secret and just wash the wound completely.

Mom doesn’t need to know so I can continue playing.

That sounds like a good plan, that’s all I’m saying.

©Maria Michaela

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Sugar Cookies

She told me “no”
And I asked “why”
She said, “you know…”
And all I could do was sigh

I wanted to play
Outside where it was raining
But mom said, “no way”
So I was inside nearly crying

Sweet sugar cookies she gave to me
I smiled ear to ear
“When you’re well you may play outside again,” she beamed at me
It didn’t even matter since the cookies erased my tears

Maria Michaela

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Life was fun, life was great
Life was mostly play when I was eight
Running around under the sun
I got the scars to prove it but boy was it fun!
I flied kites and played hide and seek
Not once did I ever peek

I’m glad to have had such a childhood
I was never in a hurry to enter adulthood
I look back, sometimes wishing to be a child again
But contented for what has happened

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You pour your wine over

A glass or two and a hangover

You decide it’s late

You didn’t even call it a date

We smiled ever so fakely

My hands sweaty and shakely

Tried to reach out for you

But you left me hanging in the blue

I fell to the ground and realized

You got me hypnotized

But it was all for sure and no reason

Since it was love with a drop of poison


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The Errand

I was playing outside with my friends

when my mom called me over

She said, “I have an errand for you.

Listen to what I say, so come closer.”


She told me what she needed me to buy

and I repeated it in my mind then off I went to the store.

On my way I saw Gumamelas, so beautiful they are,

I counted them,” one, two, three and four.”

Then I saw Maya birds they move from tree to tree, chirping

with their black heads and lovely red feathers

They look so happy and free

there’s nothing like their beauty in this warm sunny weather.


Next I saw dragonflies, hovering like tiny helicopters

I also heard bees buzzing nearby, probably making honey.

I passed by some of my neighbor friends talking

I listened for a bit for the joke was truly funny.


At last I arrived at the sari-sari store

prepared to do what I was tasked.

The lady there stared at me as I scratched my head,

“What do you need?”, she asked

I kept thinking and I thought some more

but for the love of me, I could not remember anymore.

So I hung my head and headed back for home,

I’ll have to ask mom to write a list

I’m bound to forget the things she need

just like how I’ll forget this poem.



NOTE: Sari-Sari stores are convenient stores in the Philippines. It’s not a big establishment as it is mostly just one’s house with the front converted into a store where the items are displayed. Sari-sari means “variety” in Tagalog.

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Playing With Words

when rhymes ceases and ends with a dot…..

the paper is blurred and the words are slurred

drunk by the words that fill its pages


then a wonder of sudden elation

envelopes the mind and settles down

Lo and Behold! it becomes beauty beyond any description


when the idea is there and it stops you cold

it ends with a question mark

now you’re at a loss

the meaning behind the words

escapes you


it is a wonder as a wonder it is

poetry so lovely, so magnificent

when you look at the fine print

it’s just mere playing of words…….afterall